World Forex Trading Championship

World forex trading championship

The World Cup Trading Championships have been the Gold Standard of Trading Excellence since 1983!

View the standings of current and past World Cup Trading Championship events below.


2019 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading®

Through December 31 – Final Pending Audit

1.Sadanand Kalasabail (Australia) 266%
2.Ryan Alderson (US) 183.1%
3.Fabien Fischer (Luxembourg) 140.7%
4.Durai Ramasamy (US) 134.5%
5.Sebastian Baumgaertel (US) 97.1%

2019 World Cup Championship of Forex Trading®

Through December 31 – Final Pending Audit

1.Jan Smolen (Slovakia) 113.6%
2.Kousuke (Japan) 83.9%
3.Tobias Baerlin (Germany) 66.1%
4.Sarah He & Yiyong Huang (US) 46%
5.Robert Miner (US) 38.9%

The Global Cup Derivatives Trading Championship

Lightweight Division

Through January 14

1.Jan Smolen (Slovakia) 164.6%
2.Wayne Wan (Macau) 135.3%
3.Fang Wang (China) 115.7%
4.Maxim Schulz (Germany) 109.2%
5.Archie Ma (Hong Kong) 87.2%


2019 Fourth Quarter Equity Index and Interest Rate Futures Trading Championship

Through December 31 – Final Pending Audit

1.Paige Williams (US) 32.3%


2018 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading®

Through December 31- Final

1.Petra Ilona Zacek (Czech Republic) 257.9%
2.Paul Skarp (US) 65%
3.Fabien Fischer (Luxembourg) 62.5%
4.Adrian Koemel (Germany) 58.5%
5.Ryan Alderson (US) 57.9%


2018 World Cup Championship of Forex Trading®

Through December 31- Final

1.Artur Teregulov (Russia) 200.6%
2.Son Hoang (Vietnam) 72.8%
3.Robert Miner (US) 70.4%
4.Markus Sonderegger (Switzerland) 27.9%
5.Martin Rybar (Slovak Republic) 23.4%

2018 Index and Interest Rate Futures Trading Championship® 

June 1 Through November 30 – Final

1.Robert Miner (US) 86.5%
2.Eduardo Ramos (Brazil) 67.9%
3.Archie Ma (Hong Kong) 63.4%

The 2018 Q4 Equity Index Futures Trading Championship®

October 1 Through December 31 Final

1.Craig Fullen (US) 5.2%
2.Michael Garner (US) 2.6%

World Cup Championship® of FX Trading in Japan

October 1 Through March 6

1.FX Trader (Japan) 51.7%

Previous Winners

Year Name %Return Competition
2018Petra Ilona Zacek 257.9% Futures
2018Artur Teregulov 200.6% Forex
2018Robert Miner 86.5% Index and Interest Rate Futures
2017Stefano Serafini 217.2% Futures
2017Nikolas Pareschi 100.3%% Forex

World forex trading championship

Ozgun Tuzuner

140.5% Equity Index Futures (4th Quarter)
2016Artur Teregulov 914.8% Futures
2016Luke Lewandowski 156.9% Forex
2015Chuck Hughes 309.1% Futures
2015STORM LLC107.8% Forex
2014Cook, Michael 366% Futures
2014Wirz, Andreas164.8% Forex
2014Denlinger, Alexandre 716.8% Binary Options (Nov.


2013Grimsley, Victoria 160% Futures
2012 Q4 Event
Unger, Andrea 82.8% Futures
Ma, Archie 20.5% Futures
Schwab, Jason 10.2% Futures
2012 Event Ending 7-6-12
Kinkle, Cary 199.6% Futures
Armstrong, William 67% Futures
Swiontek, Allen 56.6% Futures
2011Rea, Tim 104% Futures/Forex
2010Unger, Andrea 240% Futures/Forex
Sakaeda, Kurt 22% Stocks
2009Unger, Andrea 115% Futures
Rayment, Tim 44% Forex
Hughes, Chuck 122% Stocks
2008Unger, Andrea 672% Futures
Mitchell, Rob 57% CME E-mini (1st Quarter)
Rea, Tim 83% CME E-mini (3rd Quarter)
Sorota, Richard 25% CME E-mini (2nd Quarter)
Sorota, Richard 21% CME E-mini (4th Quarter)
Johnson, Bryan 48% Stocks
2007Cook, Michael 250% Futures
Sakaeda, Kurt 104% Forex
Goldberg, Ken 121% CME E-mini (3rd Quarter)
Sorota, Richard 61% CME E-mini (4th Quarter)
Hughes, Chuck 229% Stocks
2006Davey, Kevin 107% Futures
Holsinger, John 18% Forex
Zhang, Wenchen 73% Stocks
2005Twardus, Ed 278% Futures
Hughes, Chuck 30% Stocks
2004Sakaeda, Kurt 929% Futures
Rayment, Tim 63% Forex
Matar, Ash 26% Stocks

Capital Mngt

88% Futures
Stearns, Jeff 245% Stocks
2002Holsinger, John 608% Futures
Jensen, Tom 71% Stocks
2001Cash, David 53% Futures
Jacobs, Larry 3% Stocks
2000Sakaeda, Kurt 595% Futures
Garner, Steve 24% Stocks
1999Hughes, Chuck 315% Futures
1998Park, Jason 99% Futures
1997Williams, Michelle1,000% Futures
1996Rentsch, Reinhart 95% Futures
1995Minogue, Dennis* 219% Futures
1994Suler, Frank 85% Futures
1993Hedreen, Richard 173% Futures
1992Lundgren, Mike 212% Futures
1991Kobara, Thomas 200% Futures
1990Lundgren, Mike 244% Futures
1989Lundgren, Mike 176% Futures
1988Kline, David 148% Futures
1987Williams, Larry11,376% Futures
1986Thayer, Henry 231% Futures
1985Casazzone, Ralph1,283% Futures
1984Casazzone, Ralph 264% Futures

Trading futures and forex involves significant risk of loss and is not suitable for everyone.

Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

World forex trading championship

World Cup Championship (WCC ) accounts do not necessarily represent all the trading accounts controlled by a given competitor. WCC competitors may control accounts that produce results substantially different than the results achieved in their WCC accounts.

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WCC entrants may trade more than one account in the competition. CME Group is the trademark of CME Group, Inc.

World forex trading championship