What Are Some Reputable Forex Prop Trading Desks

What are some reputable forex prop trading desks

What are some reputable forex prop trading desks

What I did is I looked at the overall competitiveness of the firm, in terms of getting a job there.

I also talked to many people in the industry, as well as at hedge funds and investment banks - I asked them about which firms were most reputable in terms of order of operations, compensation, and training. I talked to traders at many of the firms to get a sense of their own personal thoughts on the culture, technology, management, and past/future success of the firms.

In addition, I've interviewed with most of the firms on that list and I ranked them based off of my own judgment to some degree.

It also depends on what you want to trade- equities, options, futures, rates, f/x, ect.

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Many of those firms focus on a specific product area and a specific style (whether it be market making or discretionary trading).

When you're picking which firm to go with though - the key, in my opinion, is to pick a firm with a winning business model and winning strategies. Firms look for talented and bright candidates that they feel will be able to execute their strategies well....

What are some reputable forex prop trading desks

so I basically tried to judge which firms have the winning-est business models and strategies.

Obviously the list is just my opinion... and any comments or thoughts would be great.

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