Nedbank Online Share Trading Platform

Nedbank online share trading platform

You may be looking to trade JSE listed shares directly.

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One of the easiest ways of doing so is through an online share trading platform. Online share trading platforms allow you to buy and sell company shares on your own; all you need is an active internet connection!

A very important factor to consider when choosing your platform is the fees charged by the platform you use.

Nedbank online share trading platform

Share trading comes with a number of fees as considered in the article – The cost of buying and selling shares. The table below outlines the fees that may be charged by each individual broker.

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Important points to note:

1. In addition to the fees in the table, additional fees may be charged when you deposit or withdraw money from your account.


Nedbank online share trading platform

Some platforms reduce the brokerage fees if you trade large amounts of money

3. Some platforms waive the monthly administration fees if you trade frequently

4. Nedbank charges a quarterly fee instead of a monthly admin fee – we have expressed that fee as a monthly fee for comparative purposes.


Easy Equities does not charge the normal Strate Fee but charges an administration and settlement fee of 0.075%.


Nedbank online share trading platform

The platforms listed above are those for whom the online trading fees were readily available.

7. The fees listed above do not include VAT (Value Added Tax)


Nedbank online share trading platform

We do not guarantee the accuracy of the fees listed here as they could change as and when the platform decides. Do confirm on the platform’s website.

*This Nedbank fee is made up of an R70 online access fee that is charged if there are no trades in a given month plus an R150 administration fee that is charged every three months.

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The R150 fee charged every three months amounts to R50 per month. Adding the R70 fee to the R50 fee gives the R120 fee stated in the table above.

This article does not constitute financial advice and is intended for information purposes.

Nedbank online share trading platform