How To Trade Forex Like A Bank

How to trade forex like a bank

Trading Forex like the Banks REVEALED!

On this thread i will post my trade ideas Analysis and Forecasts, that doesn't mean these are Investment Advises.

Just showing my little part of Work, May be it would be beneficial for someone who need this type of Stuff.

In this thread you will learn how to trade like professionals and institution are does, I will mention mistakes that every new trader does that prevent them make consistent profit and I will tell you how to avoid those mistakes.

This thread provides information that every new trader need before start trading in forex market, and prevent mistake like lose hard earn money in few days after start trading.
In this thread I will discuss each and everything which make you Successful trader, and you are free to ask every question which make you crazy and fearful dont be shy or you message me.

Who are Targeted Audience:
Want to learn Forex trading
Want to recover capital
Frustrated and tired of losing hard earned money
Want to consistent profit maker
want to learn technical analysis
want to learn fundamental analysis
Want to be successful trader
Want to make Successful career in Forex Market

Keep an open mind
Don't be shy

Nothing is Perfect...

Every Body is Right...

How to trade forex like a bank