Ftr Forex Trading Robot

Ftr forex trading robot

How Does FTR Beat Other Forex Trading Robots Hands Down?

Unlike most Forex trading robots, FTR’s highly advanced Artificial Intelligence (through its connection to a Neural Network) is able to see Global Market Conditions BEFORE trading.

Other Forex Trading Robots can’t do this!

This gives FTR a MASSIVE advantage over other Forex trading robots which can only react to a changing market AFTER trading.

FTR’s average trade win % is very high and, even though it doesn’t win all its trades, its overall success is phenomenally high.

Ftr forex trading robot

Figures taken from our LIVE account* are updated automatically, so they are accurate whenever you are reading this. However, whilst we cannot promise what FTR will do in the future, we do know that most hedge fund managers in the banks target only 3-6% a month!

FTR is a sustainable Forex trading robot that should produce passive profits for you for years ahead!

Other Forex Trading Robots can’t do this!
*Please remember past performance isn’t a guarantee of future success.

Ftr forex trading robot

Your results may vary.


Real-Time, Verified Live Results!

All of our results are fully audited, verified, tracked and updated by not just one independent company, but two. This means you can be sure our results are real and accurate at any time.
You can see them here:

Myfxbook*             <<< Click here to see our live results.
FxBlue*                   <<< Or here
*Please remember past performance isn’t a guarantee of future success.

The Best Forex Trading Robot You Will Find- 90% Win Rate !

Your results may vary.

Lightning Execution!

You can be sure of a lightning fast execution speed others can only dream of.
This makes sure your trades are accurate and secure.

Hands Free Operation!

Once you connect your account, all you need to do is monitor your trades and learn from our education.

No Previous Expertise Required!

You don’t need any knowledge of Forex trading.

We will provide you with everything you need to know in easy-to-understand terms and with fool-proof step-by-step instructions.

Reassuringly Safe!

We only use the market leaders in Forex trading software and copier service providers because we are dedicated to providing a world class service to our clients.

Referral Programme.

Once you are approved, you can refer others to us and make a second income too.

Ftr forex trading robot

We will work very closely with you to help you achieve this.

Expert, Friendly Support.

You can rely on us to provide you with excellent support and service though both email and Facebook. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to get the help you need.

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Ftr forex trading robot