Free Cfd Trading Course

Free cfd trading course

Inspire | Educate | Mentor these are the three pillars of LearnCAx, an online education initiative started by Centre for Computational Technologies (CCTech).

How to trade CFDs

Through this initiative, our mission is to get connected to every individual who is looking to acquire engineering knowledge.

We believe that even with strong foundation, one needs correct guidance to apply his academic knowledge to real life problems and products. Our courses are mainly focused on industrial application where one could learn the concepts and tools required to innovate, design and optimize industrial products. 

In existing form of LearnCAx, we offer various platforms to get knowledge related to CAx domain where CA stands for “Computer Aided” and “x” stands for anything.

This has been one of the complex domains to understand and the learning opportunities were available to a selected few.

Free cfd trading course

Through LearnCAx, our effort is to make this knowledge accessible to anyone and everyone irrespective of any limiting factor.

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Free cfd trading course