Forex Trading With Delivery

Forex trading with delivery


The login andd password to your SM web panel will be delivered to your email inbox in 3 business days after you setup your sub-domain and provide us these 4 things we need to build your Signal Magician license and files.

Forex trading with delivery

You will also receive these instructions by email immediately after successful payment. Note that sometimes email messages can end up in your Spam/Junk folder, so make sure you check there as well.

Forex trading with delivery

If you won’t receive an email in 60 minutes, please contact support.


Does it work with MetaTrader 4 platform?

Yes. Signal Magician is an EA-based trade copier built for MetaTrader 4 client terminal.

It does not work on any other trading platform, but when 7 million people use MetaTrader I am sure you'll agree there's plenty of potential customers to join your trading signal service.


How much will the software cost me for renewal after 1 year?

You will be able to renew your Signal Magician license at the same price as last year.

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If you will want to renew your SM license after it has expired then new pricing plans will be applied (if the pricing plans change during that time).


What happens to my existing Signal Magician license after 1 year, will it stop working?

Yes. Your SM license will expire and stop working after 1-year.

If you plan to continue using it you need to renew it by paying for 1-year license prior to the expiration date.


What happens if there is a new version of MT4 released?

Forex trading with delivery

Is Signal Magician updated regularly?

None of the MT4 released in the past 6 years made trouble for SM, but when a major update comes out for the MT4, we will update the software as well if necessary and everyone who has active SM license will receive the updates. Most of the new MT4 releases does not make much of a difference for the Signal Magician.


How is the Client EA limited to computers?

The Client EA can work simultaneously on an unlimited number of computers/VPS and an unlimited number of MT4 accounts.

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The limit depends on your pricing plan.

Your customers can transfer the Client EA to another computer/VPS and another MT4 account as many times as they want and can have it installed on many computers. But the Client EA for each customer will work only on one MT4 account simultaneously.


Are these the only plans?


Forex trading with delivery

We offer pricing plans up to 2000 clients at the moment. Contact us if you need a higher plan.


What after-purchase support will I get?

We expect software users to read instruction manual as most questions are answered in there, but if you’ll face any problem or have a question that’s not answered in the documentation, feel free to contact our support team.

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Usually, they respond in 12 hours, but during busy weeks it might take 72 hours.

We do not offer support for your clients. You will have to do this on your own.


How Signal Magician is different from PAMM accounts?

Signal Magician is different from PAMM accounts.

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All MT4 accounts connected with Signal Magician must be online all the time to receive trades. PAMM accounts are more convenient in this case because you don't need MT4 clients to be online.


However, PAMM account locks you into using just one broker. With Signal Magician you can use any broker with MT4 which will possibly attract you more clients because they don't need to move funds anywhere and can start copying trades immediately regardless of which broker they are using.

Usually, SM signal providers rent a Windows dedicated server and host MT4 accounts so that their customers don't need to have their MT4 running all the time.

Forex trading with delivery

It adds a bit more work but makes everything easier for customers. My server recommendations are here.