Forex Trading Training In Malaysia

Forex trading training in malaysia

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Be logic! I feel sad seeing customer keep on losing money in share / forex market and registered / attended for irrelevant courses.

Enough is enough. Many Tutors just use research materials or information from Internet and thereafter (copy and paste) to compile a text book.

Cosa sono la correlazioni nel forex

Do you know? In ancient time, Teacherdo not produce textbook?

Hope all of you DO NOT attend non tested and immature courses and end-up paying few thousand dollars (region of RM3,888.00 – RM145,000.00).


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Forex Course Basic


For Beginner, new Forex Trader and Investor who lost money in Forex / Stock.

FOREX Course Basic covers:-

Morning Session:   10.00 am – 5.00 pm


Topic 1:          Chart Reading from 1 hour chart and zoom into 1 Min Chart + Drawing.

Topic 2:          Understanding of Market Maker Psychology (MMP)in 1 min chart.

Topic 3:          Understanding of Price Movement Analysis (PMA) in 1 min chart.

Topic 4:          Control of Trading Fear & Greed (with charting support).



Objective:      1.

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Best entry (lowest risk) & exit price.

2. Identify Market Trap.


Forex trading training in malaysia

Cost of Sales


Feedback:       No need any indicator anymore and make handsome return every year.


Forex Course Advance


For Advance Trader who had been lost money in Forex, Futures and like to retire at home just trading forex and use that money for child education and retirement.


Our Education Strong Points:-


Market Maker Psychology(1 Min Chart)


Forex trading training in malaysia

Price Movement Analysis (1 Min Chart)

3. How to read 1 min Chart


Forex trading training in malaysia

Robotic Trade

5. Advance Calculation to know future High and Low.

6. Hand-on Trading for Basic and Live Trading for Advance Course.


Forex Trading for Beginners

Tactical Trading and Cross Hedging

8. Mobile Trading + Multiple + Remote Access + Robot.

9. Use of “Thinking Flow” + “Art of war”


Development of “Market Feel” mechanically.


Forex trading like banks step by step with live examples



Benefits of Advance Course

•           Training until can work as Forex fund Manager

•           Work as Fund Manager in our Forex Business

•           Become Introducing Broker in our Forex Business

•           Become Regional Fund Manager

•           If qualify, can become basic class teacher

•           Become Partner in exploring Indonesia, China & India


Success Path for a Trader

•           Step 1 – Cost of sales, Best entry and exit price

•           Step 2 – 1 min chart (Simulation trade)

•           Step 3 – Price Movement Analysis, Calculation Formula, Turning Point.

•           Step 4 – Market Maker Psychology, Art of Wars, Thinking flow, Market Trap & Setup

•           Step 5 – Understanding of Economy

•           Step 6 – Remove bad habit

•           Step 7 – Calm Down (Internal exercise)

•           Step 8 – Realization of Intellect (Market Feel)

•           Step 9 – Very sensitive to number

•           Step 10 – Trading skill for retirement / Self Trading


Banking Information:

Maybank:        5641-4653-2787

Name:             WONG KIM CHYE


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Forex trading training in malaysia

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