Forex Trading Seminars Texas

Forex trading seminars texas

Forex trading seminars texas

Schedule An Appointment With Chris French Sr



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Consultation Fees:

$25 Online or phone.

$50 Office visit at Texxas Take Over World Headquarters.

Consultations will go over our program history, what we offer and answer any FOREX related questions you might have and may last up to one hour.

The consultation fee is 100% non refundable and must be paid before the start of the consultation.

Forex trading seminars texas

No Exceptions.

If you join our program within 7 days after your consultation, the $25.00 or $50.00 fee will be applied to your enrollment fee.

$995.00 To Enroll For One Year

Price will be prorated by the month as the year moves forward.

Payment Methods:

PayPal: [email protected]

Cash App: $BossManTTO

Litecoin/Bitcoin: Ask For Link

Facebook Messenger: Chris French Sr Page

Wal-Mart 2 Wal-Mart: Christopher French Dallas Texas

Cash: Receipt Available Upon Request

Zelle: [email protected]

Google Pay: [email protected]

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Self-paced and asynchronous learning: You can study whenever you want at whatever pace works best for you, but still interact with the mentor and other students.

It doesn’t matter what your educational  level is, if you are teachable, you can learn how to trade.

Course Outline:Our program is “more then just videos”.

Our program is broken down into 5 weeks.

Forex trading seminars texas

You will not be taking trades UNTIL you have successfully passed weeks 1 & 2 test.

Our program is not MLM affiliated!!!

No team building is required and there is nothing else to purchase once you join!

Week 1:Students will learn how properly enter a BUY and how to properly enter a SELL. No matter your experience, you have to wait at least 5 calendar days before you can take Week 1 test and wait 5 calendar days in between each test.

Week 2:Students will learn how to properly identify a trend.

(The simple way)

Week 3: Students will take trades on their LIVE accounts demonstrating what they have learned in Weeks 1 & 2.

Winning Ways Forex Trading Dallas Texas Lifestyle

Student’s goal is 12 pips a day for 5 days.

Week 4:Students will take trades on their LIVE accounts demonstrating what they have learned in Weeks 1 & 2. Student’s goal is 12 pips a day for 5 days.

Week 5:After successfully completing Weeks 3 & 4, each student will be given a personalized compound chart wherein they will have a goal of going from $100.00 up to $1,600 within their first 20 days of trading.

Our Program Includes:

  1. 7 day access to the mentor via phone call, text, email, Telegram;
  2. 7 day access to the Texxas Take Over World Headquarters (TTOWH)  in Dallas, Texas for training (Appointment only);
  3. Free seminars at  TTOWH and at the Atlanta, Georgia office 2-4 times a month;
  4. Free trading over the shoulder of the mentor at TTOWH Tuesdays and Thursdays; (TTO-Atlanta days to be announced)
  5. *20.5 hours a week of online/offline training with Chris French Sr {will be recorded as well};
  6. Extensive training on the TRE Playbookthat helped the mentor become job-free in 4 months;
  7. Basic and advanced training;
  8. Everything you will need to learn in order to start being profitable in the FOREX markets.

*Days/Times for trainings will only be set by the mentor and are subject to change at the mentor’s discretion with or without notice.

As a student, you are expected to keep up with the group activities and new info that is placed inside of the Telegram group.

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(Facebook is not required) You should check the Telegram groups A FEW TIMES A DAY NO EXCEPTIONS!

  -Chris French Sr

Note:WE DON’T TRADE NFP, FOMC, ETC NEWS. Our playbooks show you how to get enough trades during all other times wherein you do not have to trade such news.


For best results with the Playbook you will be learning, use  ForexTrading Pro or Trader’s Way as your broker.

Downlines/Uplines: Texxas Take Over DOES NOT:

  • Offer PAMM accounts
  •  Offer MLM
  • Have up/down lines
  • Affiliate with any other group, company, etc.


  • Which broker do I need? All trades will be analyzed on the Trader’s Way MT4 platform.For best results, its best to use Forex Trading Pro OR Trader’s Way platform as any other platform could offer a different price then Trader’s Way .
  • My wife and I signed up at the same time, she decided she does not want to be apart of Texas Take Over, can I let my brother take her place?


    Forex trading seminars texas

    Transferring the membership to someone else is not allowed. If one quits, take themselves out of the group….they will have to pay an re-entry fee to join again.

  • How many autotrader accounts can I have at one time?You can have unlimited amount of autotrader accounts.

    Each additional account will have to be paid for according to what tier its on.

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