Crypto Online Trading Platform

Crypto online trading platform

Utilize the executium trading system to manage your trading with Binance, Huobi Pro, HBDM, Binance Futures, Bitmex, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Poloniex, and Kraken.

We currently offer 139 pairings and 803 market spreads from 6 different exchanges, as follows is the currently available instruments and market spreads that we provide.

Your options are plentiful with executium, currently the 139 pairings we offer and support are as follows.

You can trade with Bitmex XBTUSD, Bitstamp BTCEUR, Bitstamp BTCUSD, Bittrex BTCADA, Bittrex BTCBCH, Binance XRPBTC, Bittrex USDTBTC, Binance ADABTC, Bitstamp XRPBTC, Binance BTCUSDT, Binance EOSBTC, Bittrex USDBTC, Binance ETHBTC, Binance LTCBTC, Binance TRXBTC, Bitfinex BTCUSD, Bitfinex BTCEUR, Bitfinex EOSBTC, Bitfinex ETHBTC, Bittrex BTCETH, Bittrex BTCLTC, Bittrex BTCTRX, Bittrex BTCXRP, Bittrex BTCXLM, Bittrex BTCXMR, Bittrex USDTETH, Bittrex USDETH, Bittrex USDUSDT, Bitstamp BCHBTC, Bitfinex TRXBTC, Kraken XXBTZUSD, Kraken BCHXBT, Kraken XETHXXBT, Bitmex ETHUSD, Binance XMRBTC, Bittrex BTCTUSD, Bitmex XBTH20, Binance ETHUSDT, Bitfinex ETHUST, Bitfinex BTCUST, Bitfinex ETHUSD, Bitfinex EOSUSD, Bitfinex LTCUSD, Bitfinex XRPUSD, Binance EOSUSDT, Binance LTCUSDT, Binance XRPUSDT, Binance BTCPAX, Huobipro BTCUSDT, Kraken XETHZUSD, Kraken XXRPZUSD, Bitstamp ETHUSD, Huobi ETH_CQ, Huobi XRP_CQ, Huobi TRX_CQ, Bitstamp XRPUSD, Bitstamp LTCUSD, Binance BTCUSDC, Binance BTCTUSD, Huobi EOS_CQ, Huobi BTC_CQ, Huobi LTC_CQ, Huobi BCH_CQ, Huobi BTC_CW, Huobi BTC_NW, Huobi TRX_CW, Huobi TRX_NW, Huobi EOS_NW, Huobi EOS_CW, Huobi BCH_NW, Huobi BCH_CW, Huobi LTC_NW, Huobi LTC_CW, Huobi XRP_NW, Huobi XRP_CW, Huobi ETH_NW, Huobi ETH_CW, Binance TRXUSDT, Bitfinex BABUSD, Bitfinex TRXUSD, Binance BNBBTC, Huobipro ADABTC, Huobipro ADAUSDT, Huobipro ETHUSDT, Okex EOSUSDT, Okex ETHUSDT, Okex LTCUSDT, Okex TRXUSDT, Okex BTCUSDT, Okex XRPUSDT, Bitfinex XMRBTC, Binance ETCBTC, Bitfinex ETCBTC, Kraken XETCXXBT, Binance DASHBTC, Binance XLMBTC, Bitfinex XLMBTC, Bitstamp ETHBTC, Bitfinex XTZBTC, Bitfinex DSHBTC, Bitfinex XRPBTC, Bitfinex BTCF0USTF0, Bitfinex ETHF0USTF0, Binance DASHUSDT, Poloniex BTC_ETH, Huobipro EOSUSDT, Binance USDCUSDT, Binance PAXUSDT, Binance TUSDUSDT, Bitfinex LTCBTC, Bitfinex PAXUST, Bitfinex UDCUST, Bitfinex TSDUST, Poloniex BTC_BCHABC, Poloniex USDT_BTC, Poloniex BTC_LTC, Poloniex BTC_EOS, Poloniex BTC_XRP, Cexio BTCUSDT, Cexio BTCUSD, Cexio ETHBTC, Cexio LTCBTC, Cexio XRPBTC, Binancefutures BTCUSDT, Binance BCHUSDT, Bitfinex LEOUSD, Huobipro LTCUSDT, Huobipro BCHUSDT, Bitfinex LEOUST, Huobipro XRPUSDT, Binance BCHBTC, Bitmex XBTM20, Bitmex ADAH20, Bitmex BCHH20, Bitmex EOSH20, Bitmex ETHH20, Bitmex LTCH20, Bitmex TRXH20, Bitmex XRPH20 with many more to be added in the future.

We provide 803 market spreads for our arbitrage system, a few of those arbitrage spreads we support are Huobipro ETHUSDT to Bitmex ETHH20, Bitmex ETHH20 to Huobipro ETHUSDT, Huobiglobal ETH_CQ to Bitmex ETHH20, Bitmex ETHH20 to Huobiglobal ETH_CQ, Bitfinex ETHF0USTF0 to Bitmex ETHH20, Bitmex ETHH20 to Bitfinex ETHF0USTF0 arbitrage, Bitfinex ETHBTC to Bitmex ETHH20, Bitmex ETHH20 to Bitfinex ETHBTC, Bitfinex ETHUSD to Bitmex ETHH20, Bitmex ETHH20 to Bitfinex ETHUSD, Bitstamp ETHUSD to Bitmex ETHH20, Bitmex ETHH20 to Bitstamp ETHUSD, Bitstamp ETHBTC to Bitmex ETHH20, Bitmex ETHH20 to Bitstamp ETHBTC, Bitmex ETHUSD to Bitmex ETHH20 arbitrage, Bitmex ETHH20 to Bitmex ETHUSD, Okex ETHUSDT to Bitmex ETHH20, Bitmex ETHH20 to Okex ETHUSDT arbitrage, Cexio ETHBTC to Bitmex ETHH20 arbitrage, Bitmex ETHH20 to Cexio ETHBTC arbitrage, Binance ETHUSDT to Bitmex ETHH20, Bitmex ETHH20 to Binance ETHUSDT arbitrage, Binance ETHBTC to Bitmex ETHH20, Bitmex ETHH20 to Binance ETHBTC, Huobipro EOSUSDT to Bitmex EOSH20, Bitmex EOSH20 to Huobipro EOSUSDT, Bitfinex EOSUSD to Bitmex EOSH20, Bitmex EOSH20 to Bitfinex EOSUSD, Huobiglobal EOS_CQ to Bitmex EOSH20, Bitmex EOSH20 to Huobiglobal EOS_CQ, Bitfinex EOSBTC to Bitmex EOSH20 arbitrage, Bitmex EOSH20 to Bitfinex EOSBTC, Binance EOSUSDT to Bitmex EOSH20 arbitrage, Bitmex EOSH20 to Binance EOSUSDT, Binance EOSBTC to Bitmex EOSH20, Bitmex EOSH20 to Binance EOSBTC, Bitmex ADAZ19 to Bitmex ADAH20 arbitrage, Bitmex ADAH20 to Bitmex ADAZ19, Binance ADABTC to Bitmex ADAH20, Bitmex ADAH20 to Binance ADABTC.

To view our complete market spread coverage list you can click here, this coverage list is updated constantly and will provide you with the status of symbol support and market spreads for your trading arbitrage.

We are adding more pairings and market spreads everyday and welcome all recommendations that you may have. Market spreads require special attention and diligence, as when we add additional market spreads it creates datasets for our crypto trading platform so that users have the spread data on hand to make informed trading decisions.

Benefits of Trading Software

What often comes into our minds when we hear of trading software?

Do you have general ideas about trading software but are not entirely sure what it really does? Well we are here to help you with anything you need to know about trading software and why it is so beneficial in the online trading world.

Where can I get a trading system?

What is a trading system?

Trading software is just an application that simplifies the life of a trader.

The trading software allows the trader to manage his orders, place his orders and even exit his trades. There are many benefits that are associated with using trading software as you will see.

Trading software can help automate trading strategies.

As a trader you have a specific trading strategy that you use to get your profits. This strategy can be programmed into a code that can be used in the trading software to be placing orders for you whenever an opportunity shows itself.

Quick Look: Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

You can basically sit down and do other things while the trading software places orders as per your strategy.

Good trading software helps control the emotions of a trader. Trading is a risky thing to do and some of the time it involves losing money if your prediction is wrong.

When emotions like fear of losing money come into a trader, losses are likely to be seen. This is where the trading software steps in and take trades where you would have been too afraid to take them, or cut your losses where you would be reluctant to see that a trade has already gone bad.

You are also able to back test your strategy when using trading software.

There are many times when you as a trader have learnt something new and you want to test whether the new technique would be applicable in the real market or rather profitable before risking your hard earned money.

Our trading software will allow you to access valuable historical market data that helps in backtesting a trading strategy therefore proving its usefulness or not.

Crypto online trading platform

Trading software is efficient in making entries and exits in a market. If you are using trading software in a rather volatile market, placing orders is very fast and easy. These fast responses allow a trader to take advantage of quick changes in market prices and be able to get more profit as a result of the same.

As well as that, using a trading software also allows a trader to make copy trades. An investor can get access to the investor password of a certain trading guru that will allow him/her to see the way that a particular trader makes his trades and therefore they can copy the same trades into their own trading.

Our trading software keeps track of all the trades made, for example, data like the number of consecutive profits, the number of consecutive losses, the gross profit and gross loss are recorded.

Best long-term cheap cryptocurrency

This data can be very vital in making self-assessments and monitoring a traders progress over the years.

Advantages of a trading system

An online cryptocurrency trading platform is something that we have described and explained on many occasions, as we want to make sure that everyone is fully aware of what they are and how they work, before then continuing on with our platform.

Our advanced trading system contains both buy and sell orders which can be executed using the online trading platform, which we believe has some of the best major elements including the likes of trading entry rule, position sizing rules, exit rule for winning, rules for winning and losing trade.

Save Time

Optimization of the trading platform ensures that the trader does not have to keep staring on the screen or wake up to trade in the middle of the night since you have a set of prior rules that are executed if a coin meets certain parameters.

Therefore as a trader you can spend many hours away from the screen and do other activities making trading more efficient and time-saving.

Removes Human Errors

Human beings are more prone to make a decision based on subjective reasons or social proof theory.

Hence a trader can easily fall into the trap of trading based on whether the market is low or high or whether a majority of people are trading a particular coin as opposed to caring about either fundamental or technical analysis. These will more likely subject them into making losses. The trading system helps to create certain criteria for a stock to achieve in order for a trade to be executed hence sheltering the trader from just acting on a whim.

Achieves Consistency

Trading systems allow consistency by trading to the plan.

What is Cryptocurrency?

One of the challenges of trading is planning the trade and trading the plan. One is able to note whether the trading system is profitable or leads to loss since a trading system tends to be consistent hence one can keep on trying different trading systems until he finds out one that increases the odds of making a profit over an extended period of time.

Bitcoin Trader

The Cryptocurrency market is growing by leaps and bounds, and since its invention in the year 2009, Bitcoin remains the market leader in terms of crypto.

Although currencies like Ethereum and various Altcoins have also gathered much popularity in the last few years, they are nowhere even close to Bitcoin in terms of market share.

This is the reason, why almost all investors who trade in cryptocurrency, start as Bitcoin traders.

Some of them start trading other currencies as well, while some of them stick only to Bitcoin. However, even if traders try other currencies, they usually never stop Bitcoin trading, as it is such a profitable form of digital currency.

What Does a Bitcoin Trader Do?

A Bitcoin trader is the person who engages in actively trading Bitcoin, by buying some Bitcoin tokens at an exchange, and selling them at a higher price at the same or a different exchange.

This enables the Bitcoin trader to make money, which is directly proportional to the size of investments, and to the price gap between the buy and sell.

A person is classified as a Bitcoin trader, even if he or she trades the Bitcoin for some other cryptocurrency or vice versa, that is, if Bitcoin is involved in only one side of the trade. Sometimes, Bitcoin traders also trade start-up tokens in exchange of their Bitcoin tokens, like in the case of an ICO and IEO etc.

How Complex are the Activities of a Bitcoin Trader

Although trading has always been a complex phenomenon, with so many market parameters and personal factors affecting the buy and sell decisions, it is even more complex if you are considering to become a Bitcoin trader.

How To Trade Bitcoin Cryptocurrency for Beginners

Bitcoin is traded by almost all who deal in cryptocurrency, so the market is extremely volatile.

Furthermore, even small news, or even small rumours, can impact the prices significantly. Also what kind of trading you would like to do as a Bitcoin trader, like day trading, tick trading, using algorithms, signals etc. is all variable from person to person and time to time. And to make things even messier, there are hundreds of service consultants online and offline, who claim to help in Bitcoin operations for a Bitcoin trader.

Can You Become a Bitcoin Trader?

With that said, becoming a Bitcoin trader is no difficult task.

And if you are thinking to dip your feet in the cryptocurrency lagoon, you most probably would already be considering the option of becoming a Bitcoin trader. All one needs is to download an exchange wallet, from some exchange, free of cost, deposit some fiat and start placing buy and sell orders.

However, the real trick is, can you become a successful Bitcoin Trader?

Do you know how to mitigate risks while maximizing profits?

How to Get Started in Cryptocurrency Trading

Do you know what kind of money you must ideally invest in initially? And a million such questions. And the single answer – executium, or any such online platform, that is both reputable in operations, and safe in terms of data and money sharing.

Most of the new Bitcoin traders are using such platforms like, to get a smooth start for their Bitcoin operations.

Latency and trading systems

Latency is the word used to describe the time involved in which it takes a data packet to travel across from one point to another point, and is an essential function of making executium the fastest trading system available.

Trading System Speed

Trading systems need to be fast, they need to be low on lag and high in execution.

We spend a considerable amount of resources, monitoring, overseeing and upgrading our trading system so that lag is kept to a minimum which then results in improved conversions.

Speed is Essential

In executium, we measure round trip latency by including internal processing time we have achieved internal round trip latency (including processing time) of less than 1 micro secs for internal processing i.e.

in nano secs (1 sec equals 1 million micro secs or 1 billion nano secs).

Round Trip Latency

Our load balanced solution and network engineering ensures that each exchange transaction results in the lowest latency for our users.

Our subnet is based in data centers closest to each exchange and is optimised to deliver lowest transaction speeds between two exchanges for combination/arbitrage trades.

Our subnet is located in our own private network in an undisclosed data centre where outside access is strictly prohibited to increase security.

Trading Bot

Bitcoin exchange bots are pieces of software, which are developed so as to function and carry out the Bitcoin trade decisions, as programmed by the client.

Now these can be of various types and can be categorized as follows.

Simple Trading Bots

We provide advanced and simple trading bots for free of use so you can try before you get working with our executium trading bot.

Advanced Trading Bots

Bot refers to some automated piece of software that can function as the way it is programmed.

With the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market being never inactive, being volatile all the time, and being highly profitable if carried out systematically, bots have been developed which can be implemented on the cryptocurrency niche.

A trading exchange bot is such a piece of software that has been developed to ease the life of the buyer to quite an extent.

Automated Bots

Automatic bots are those that can deliver as much performance as you want them too.

The most sophisticated ones in this category, need just a single installation, they even update themselves from time to time as per their manufacturer’s updates, and then carry out all the trade decisions by themselves with the fiat you allow them to handle. An intermediate category of such bots is, when they trade by themselves for some pre-fed scenarios, and send alerts to users for some other pre-fed scenarios.

When you employ some bitcoin exchange bot, the efficiency of the bot plays a crucial role in your profits and losses.

Also the secrecy that bot can achieve for you is another major indicator of the bot being reliable and trustworthy. We have floated trading bots that are not only reliable from this point of view, but also very advanced.

They can turn a new novice trader to trade like a professional just with the help of their manual bots for Bitcoin exchanges.

Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms 2019

Bitcoin exchange bots have set a ground for other crypto bots to be established as well. It is beyond doubt that these exchange bots have really come to the rescue of investors who were otherwise all the time worried about losing some major trade opportunity.

Getting familiar with Cryptocurrency

Trading with Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency is a digitally designed asset that often works as a medium of currency and uses cryptography for securing financial transactions, verifying control of assets and controlling the creation of additional units.

Cryptocurrencies are sometimes considered to be digital alternative currencies. Cryptocurrencies do not use central banking systems rather they use decentralized digital ledgers.

Cryptocurrency consists of a ledger where all transactions are made public for total visibility.

The ledger helps everyone to play fair and avoids the risk of double spending. No one can change the ledger without fulfilling some specific conditions. The ledger is decentralized meaning no one owns it and that it is self governed without interference from outside parties. If you purchase a cryptocurrency and decide to spend it the transaction at first is not confirmed and not official.

The transaction then goes through the verification process where it becomes part of the record and housed in the blockchain. Cryptocurrency miners add verified transactions to the public ledger. By using powerful computers cryptocurrency miners solve complex mathematical problems as key to the verification process.

Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency mining is open to everyone, anyone can confirm the transaction and gets a block added to their ledger.

Cryptocurrency can be used for various reasons;

1. Low cost money transfers where cryptocurrencies are well known for sending and receiving money at low cost and top speeds, large sums of money are transferred at low cost and fast speed comparing to banking systems which take a while and are more high cost.


It is an alternative and censorship resistant store of wealth where bank accounts are prone to getting frozen but cryptocurrency the owner has the key to the wallet so only they can access it at any given time.


How many people are aware of cryptocurrency

Making private transactions where you find the cryptocurrency enable for anonymous transactions, meaning an individual can make transactions of large sums of money without having to explain to any bank.

4. Buy sports cars where some of the car selling dealers allow customers to purchase cars using cryptocurrency, making it easier rather than carrying a huge amount of cash or having to take an eternity over bank transactions.


Travel the world where there are a number of different air travel agencies, hotel bookings and car rentals which allow cryptocurrency for payment.

Cryptocurrency is global and is widely used by a majority groups of people. Where some of the companies have accepted cryptocurrency as a payment method, an example is Subway, one can use cryptocurrency as a payment method in Subway, but there are also many, many more. Business people can also use cryptocurrency for payment and purchase of goods, cryptocurrency is efficient for business for it is cheap and fast.

Make sure that you do not completely forget about the downsides of cryptocurrency though, as it has also been used in money laundering, where they use cryptocurrency as a way to evade tax.

Also most of dark webs payments are made through cryptocurrency.

Here are the top cryptocurrencies available today; Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Ripple(XRP), Bitcoin Cash(BTC), EOS, Litecoin(LTC), Steller(XLM), IOTA, NEO and Final Words. Cryptocurrency is the future of all payments and transactions that will be made. With the companies listed above the future of cryptocurrency is rising for fast and low cost transactions.

Working with the best exchanges

Executium works with only the very best crypto exchanges in the world, we provide you with the tools and speed so you can execute trades more easily and most importantly, preciely.

Trading System for Bitstamp

Based on specific methodologies and criteria, bitstamp is one of the four exchanges that have currently been incorporated in the determination of the Coin Desk Bitcoin Price Index(XBP) in the world's premier marketplace.

Trade with confidence on the world's leading trading platform

Having successfully stormed its way into the global blockchain community not only as a digital asset exchange but also as a hot and cold wallet storage with a global client base, this cryptocurrency exchange has depicted an array of features that have contributed to its rating as one of the best exchanges ever recorded in history.

It offers a variety of payment methods ranging from credit cards, international wire transfer, SEPA, cryptocurrency deposits among others.

Bitstamp has very low transaction fees, with its trading fee being highly dependent on the users trading history. This basically implies that the more you trade, the fewer fees you’ll be charged.

With strict anti-money laundering policies and the 2-factor authentication being put in place, the safe buying and selling of cryptocurrencies is guaranteed.In addition to that, bitstamp is a universally recognized bitcoin exchange available in The United States, Luxembourg, and the United Kingdom.

This exchange also provides a platform for crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto currencies such as EUR and USD which inflates trading in Ripple, Lite coin, Ethereum among other cryptocurrencies.

As one of the "Big Four" bitcoin exchanges that have tremendously gained momentum since its founding in 2011, bit stamp depicts commanding features of high liquidity and trading volume that have closely contributed to its high ranking as one of the best exchanges.

Our system enhances using the Bitstamp platform by allowing for Bitstamp Arbitrage with Binance, Bittrex, KRaken and Bitfinex along with using enabling other features such as Bitstamp Directional Trading which has the options for Bitstamp TWAP and Bitstamp VWAP.

Traders and Bittrex

Bittrex is one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms around the world.

The establishment of Bittrex was in the year 2014 and has been in business ever since then. The majority of people love to use Bittrex since it is the best and most secure service available in comparison to the other cryptocurrency exchanges.

It has quick withdrawals and deposits - Bittrex is set up to approve fast processing of as many transactions as possible through an automated monitoring system.

It has a secure platform - The Bittrex staff members offer a secure trading service together with the best and latest security technologies. In addition, Bittrex has status tools, API webhooks and a Twitter account where they update their clients on their latest developments.

Bittrex is known for its fast accessibility and offers quick access to cryptocurrencies and a quick trading volume.

The platform lists the numbers of cryptocurrencies thus enabling their customers to trade comfortably and effectively.

Transparent and cheap Fees - The Bittrex trading standard fees are 0.25% on all of the trades. By this, it enables its clients to count the fees they have accumulated.

Top 9 Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

With all the reasons provided above, Bittrex is certainly one of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms. It offers a full package for their clients where they can trade comfortably without any worry.

If you are looking to use executium for Bittrex Trading, you can take advantage of the Bittrex TWAP functions, Bittrex Directional Trading and Bittrex Arbitrage with other exchanges such as Binance, Bitstamp, Kraken, Bitmex and Bitfinex.

Trading System for Binance

The greenhorns and doyen cryptocurrency users have a pool of choices from the digital currency market to choose from, and one needs to make a good decision not to end up in a real quagmire.

One of the popular cryptocurrency is Binance trading system. It was started in China and later on moved to Malta in EU, since cryptocurrency exchange had been banned in China recently .so, what makes it one of the best exchanges?

First, the transaction fee at Binance is a little bit lower compared to other players in the cryptocurrency circle, with the Binance transaction fee being 0.1%.

Crypto online trading platform

One iconic feature that helps it achieve this is the partial funding by its very own crypto-coin (BNB).

Another feature with Binance is the huge list of alternative coins to choose from. Binance is giving its users many different cryptocurrencies virtually every day, and they have more than 100 cryptocurrencies in line for their loyal users.

This ranges from big players like Ethereum (ETH) to small coins for instance cyber miles (CMT). Also, it is common to see new listings of cryptocurrency in Binance as soon as an initial coin offer (ICO) is finished, unlike other players which take a little longer to materialize.

Security is on top of the list in the Binance portfolio, which guarantees users trust and the urge to invest in their platform. With the promise to offer trusted security in the platform, a lot of trading is going on since more and more people are joining the platform every single day.

When it comes to Binance as a trading platform on executium we offer Binance TWAP, Binance Directional and Binance Arbitrage with Bitmex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Bitfinex and Kraken.

Bitmex Trading System

Bitmex (Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange) remains today’s professional derivative exchange platform with incredible upgraded features tailored to the user’s convenience.

It allows peer-to-peer trading for leveraged contracts sold or bought in Bitcoin or altcoins. Ranking top in the USD bitcoin exchange volume, you can execute up to 6 cryptocurrencies through this single interface effectively.

Crypto online trading platform

But what else makes Bitmex one of the best exchanges?

• Through Bitmex, users can execute future bitcoin contracts including perpetual swaps, seamlessly.

• It is a 24-hour trading volume platform for high spreads and minimized amount of slippage during transactions.

• Facilitates margin trading of cryptocurrencies in a concise time

• Account security is guaranteed, thanks to the 2 factor authentication feature during sign up

• Bitmex recalculates its price in every 8 hours enabling effective and expedient pay-outs between long and short periods.

This implies traders can walk in, right before the next payout, trade and exit the next second with their payouts assured.

Our traders use our Bitmex features for Bitmex Arbitrage with Bitstamp, Bittrex, Binance and Bitfinex along with using the Bitmex Directional Trading while utilizing the Bitmex TWAP and VWAP features.

Trading System for Bitfinex

Bitfinex is a special package that comes with unique support services to its numerous users.

Bitfinex gives users the option of trading in multiple cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Monero, and Ethereum, with its customizable and flexible interface and tools that assist traders in achieving their desired goals with ease.

Bitfinex deals in Monero, Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Litecoin, Recovery Right Tokens, Bitconnect, Ethereum, Unlimited Zcash and classic, it is based in the U.S.

and was founded in 2014. Bitfinex is for users of all experience levels. The Exchange only deals in USD fiat. It offers tools and support that is one to none in the cryptocurrency industry.

Opening an account with Bitfinex trading system is very simple. A valid email address, a username and password is all you need to create an account. As soon as your email address is verified, you will have full access to all the features that comes with the Exchange.

The benefits that come with opening an account with Bitfinex include licensed US Business, Custom Interface, Ether Trading, very low fees, Pro Security Features, Innovative APIs, Reporting Tools, Monero and Litecoin, Extensive Support System, Mobile App, and Real Time Statistics.

You can utilize the executium trading platform for Bitfinex TWAP, Bitfinex Arbitrage and Bitfinex Directional Trading with Bitstamp, Bittrex, Binance and Kraken.

Trading System for Kraken

Kraken boasts as an alternative platform which has reduced significantly the dependence on Bitcoin as the only cryptocurrency exchange as earlier perceived.

Kraken has continuously been respected due to its stand on best practices, security practices, ethics and agonistic support for the cryptocurrency sector without favor of a single platform to another.

Kraken has priority in securing personal data by two factor authentication system.

To solidify this, Kraken trading system has auditors that perform regular audits to ensure and show it has full reserves of cryptocurrency to back it up and provide evidence of proof of verifiable reserves.

Kraken is user verifiable hence improving trust among its users whereby they can independently verify use of their data in audits.

Crypto online trading platform

It provides effective and efficient customer support and it has taken the edge in this section.

You can use executium for Kraken TWAP, Kraken Directional and Kraken Arbitrage with Binance, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Bitfinex and Bitmex.

OKEX Trading System

OKEX trading is your go-to partner for your Online Trading in Crypto-assets.

The platform is among the top ten verified exchanges by and They are in operation since inception in 2017. One key factor with OKEX trading is that they are a DEX (decentralized exchange). DEX is becoming not only a reality but a requirement. Users want to trade more safely and with every other digital-asset in their custody. For instance, with OKEX trading, a holder of BTC (Bitcoin) can be able to locate another user holding XRP (Monero) and be able to close a transaction.

DEX encourages cross- functioning of blockchains, allowing them to build with others in mind.

So DEX and platforms like OKEX trading encourage developers to open up for other developers and to a large extent, all other stakeholders. One more fact that has made DEX popular is the liquidity matching from amongst the users. With broad markets, the probability of being linked with a user with a demand for the assets one holds is very high.

How to Choose the Best Cryptocurrency Trading Broker Online

That has been one of the downsides of centralized exchanges. OKEX trading runs the OKChain with OKB tokens useable for paying fees or deploying Dapps while running under Ethereum ERC-20 protocols for a roll-out phase.

The entry of OKEX trading is not just any other token.

Besides the parent blockchain and the potential to scale via DEX, it has more. So what is the USP (Unique Selling Point) for OKEX? Users can trade in derivatives (assets with values that depend on future market occurrences).

That opens up the opportunity for smart speculators to undertake in deals that allow them to explore their potentials. For fiat economies, derivative markets have flourished by linking parties with huge money to stake with parties with economic potential for win-win closures.

That too can be realized within the blockchain technology, especially when developers move away from the siloed approach. With OKEX trading being listed among the top ten leading exchange platforms, spells out a new era for speculators in crypto-assets.