Best Mobile App For Crypto Trading In Europe

Best mobile app for crypto trading in europe

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I always had trouble trading Cryptos in the situation where I couldn’t use my laptop and I needed to use my phone instead, because navigating to trading platforms on a phone web browser was so awkward.

Even if the page was in ‘Mobile Version’.

It was so annoying that I gave up using the web browser completely.

However my burning desire to trade forced me to search for some kind of replacement phone application which lead to the next problem.

Where is cryptocurrency exchange binance today

Exchanges don’t usually have a phone app.

Lucky for me and thanks to my fiancé, @Tom.ter, for introducing me, I discovered the best application on the market.


This is a completely fan based review of an application that made my love of trading Cryptos a whole lot easier!

I made an easy to understand collage of pictures to show you how great this application is.

Let’s start

TABTRADERhas  100,000 - 500,000 downloads on Google play with 4.7 rating point and is also available on the App Store.

Features : 

  • 100%  free
  • no ads
  • no in-apps
  • Technical indicators : Bollinger bands, stochastic, fibonacci, MACD, moving average, RSI
  • price alerts which they said any number of alerts and  do not consume any traffic or battery at all.

    Best mobile app for crypto trading in europe

  • PIN protection
  •  chart: Candlestick, priceline, bars 
  •  drawing on the chart, horizontal vertical or free-hand lines.

  • you will be able to trade on 27 exchanges like ANX, Bitbay, Bitcurex, Bitfinex, Bitmarket, Bitstamp, Bittrex, BL3P, Bleutrade, BTCChina, BTC-E, Bter, CEX.IO, Clevercoin, Coinbase, Coincheck, EXMO,  Gemini, Hitbtc, Huobi, ItBit, Kraken, Mercado Bitcoin (Brazil), Poloniex, QUOINE, TheRock, Vaultoro.

Trade & watch priceline of 500 different blockchain altcoins:
1 Bitcoin BTC
2 Ethereum ETH
3 Litecoin LTC
4 Ripple XRP
6 Dash DASH
7 Lisk LSK (watch this one)
8 Dogecoin DOGE (fun blockchain cryptocurrency)
9 MaidSafeCoin MAID
10 DigixDAO DGD
12 Monero XMR
13 Steem STEEM
14 Factom FCT
15 Siacoin SC
16 Synereo AMP
17 Peercoin PPC
18 BitShares BTS
19 Stellar XLM
20 FedoraCoin TIPS
21 Nxt NXT
22 Namecoin NMC
23 SolarCoin SLR
24 YbCoin YBC
25 Emercoin EMC
26 Vericoin
27 Dirac
28 Feathercoin
29 Reddcoin
30 Vertcoin
31 Graviton
32 Quark
33 Digibyte

2 different themes depending on your eye sentivity

  • Add your account using  Exchange API keys encryption * Do not give deposit or withdraw rights to the keys that you create.

  • you can trade directly from the chart or just use manual order input 
  • you can view order book, chart, last trade, orders and trades

Here is the video from the developer 

All I can say now if you are interested in TabTrader click download down below & good luck with your trade!

Vector Design by See yah!

Best mobile app for crypto trading in europe

👌🏼 Jaynim