Best Crypto Trading App Mac

Hey Crypto Geeks out there!

Likes investing ones lifein bitcoin

Being a Cryptocurrency investor you might be knowing how important timing is when you are investing in a Crypto Currency. Moreover, seeing the recent price drop and fluctuations it is very important to get in update with the crypto space. For this we need apps to help us out.

The BEST Bitcoin Trading Platform

So here I have today the best apps for Macintosh users who are into the Crypto space.

Coin Tick

This application has the most customization options, you can choose which crypto currency you want to track and which information appears first.

There's a lot more.

It is because of these features that Coin Tick is the most unique app in the list.


This app offers info about a number of additional Crypto Currency exchange.

It may be missing out some currency exchanges as this app was last updated in 2015. Nonetheless it provides help in tracking Bitcoin as well as many others very well.

Bitcoin Ticker

This app is a simple and efficient app which works accurately to your expectations.

Forex trade calculator excel

As it's name says, it serves as a ticker for Bitcoin alongwith information about a number of different exchanges. The fact is that it is simple and basic in presentation and functionality making it easy to use.

That's up for this list.

These are so far the best apps available for Macs for Crypto Currency investors.

If you have any more to add into the list, please do let me know. And don't forget to upvote.