What Is Tc Cryptocurrency

What is tc cryptocurrency

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Titan Coin is a new cryptocurrency, currently in presale, that is pegged to the cost of 1 kilogram of a titanic ore concentrate known as ilmentite. This ore is one of the primary sources of titanium.

What Is Titan Coin?

Titan Coin was founded by Isai Peisakhov and Alexander Lemyakin, executives with experience in the the industrial waste processing, construction, and titanium dioxide sales.

What is tc cryptocurrency

The CEO of the company is listed as Denis Pekarskiy, with a background in managing manufacturing companies.

Titan Coin Product

Titan Coin’s primary goal is to crowdfund its plans to build titanium dioxide processing plants in the Near East through the sale of its cryptocurrency. A Titan Coin buy-back is scheduled to begin 3 months after the end of the ICO, with 10% of Titan Coins being bought back quarterly.

What is tc cryptocurrency

Investors also will be entitled to exchange their Titan Coin balance for a corresponding quantity of titanic ore concentrate.

Titan Coin uses the Byteball platform, which functions similarly to a blockchain. Investors can purchase Titan Coin tokens with Byteball bytes, which earns them up to a 75% discount, or any other cryptocurrency.

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Before any and all discounts, the valuation of 1 Titan Coin is $0.20, and is interchangeable with 1kg of titanic ore concentrate.

Titan Coin Financial Opportunity

Investing in Titan Coin provides opportunities for ROI through the company’s quarterly buyback program.

Additionally, holding Titan Coin will entitle investors to a commensurate amount of real-world titanium ore, though we don’t see too many investors cashing in their Titan Coin for access to this ore.

Titan Coin Conclusion

Titanium, as a precious metal, is a sought-after commodity.

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It plays a role in many different industries and manufacturing sectors, and the difficulty in extracting it certainly adds to its value in a way that all scarce materials are valuable. Investing in titanium production, in a traditional sense, is always worth looking into, though there are many risks associated with investing in a new startup that has stated goals of refining titanium.

Combining a titanium refinery startup with a crowdfunding project powered by cryptocurrency adds yet another layer of risk to the equation.

What is tc cryptocurrency

Further complicating the matter is the use of Byteball as a cryptocurrency, which technically does not use a blockchain but instead a complex algorithm known as a directed acyclic graph (DAG).

While on a practical level the two systems are more similar than they are different, the DAG-based Byteball platform is relatively new and untested.

Every ICO has risk as an inherent part of its nature. It’s our job to point out these risk factors so you can make informed investment decisions.

What is tc cryptocurrency

Do we feel that the Titan Coin ICO too high risk for investors? We’re not entirely sure. It’s certainly higher risk than most ICOs due to the obstacles faced by titanium refinery startups, we’ll certainly say that much.

We suppose that some very modest investment into Titan Coin can’t hurt.

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Especially with 1 Titan Coin set at $0.20 during the ICO. Just invest conservatively if you do.