The Best Cryptocurrency Debit Card

The best cryptocurrency debit card

Crypto Debit Cards 2020 - Review, Coinbase Card, Crypterium Debit Card & More!

Best private Bitcoin debit card solution

Even if no perfect solution exists for total privacy with convenience for Bitcoin debit cards, a workable compromise can be reached.

A user wishing to maintain privacy can acquire an unverified card and either stay below the limit, or simply acquire multiple unverified Ethereum cards, moving to a new one once the lifetime.

While this approach can be vastly inconvenient with heavy card use (possibly a new card per month or more), if major bills are handled separately, all expenses possible are paid directly in Ether or Bitcoin, and almost all other purchases are handled by either Bitcoin  & Ethereum gift cards or cash, card use can be kept to a minimum.

The best cryptocurrency debit card

Using a Bitcoin debit card in this way, an unverified card may be able to last a year or possibly more.