Is Cryptocurrency Cashier A Scam

Is cryptocurrency cashier a scam

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So i have been waiting for over a month now for tigergaming to change my account email to the one i use for skrill so i can withdraw my 2.5k.

(This can only happen internally)

I have spoken multiple times with live support and via email and they keep repeating the same things over and over again that they have send it to the relevant department to be handled but nothing ever happens.

First they told me 48 hours then after 2 weeks they said this usually takes 21 days and if i want to make it happen immediately to phone a number they gave me.
I call the number and the background noise was loud, a lot of people shouting and laughing, the operator put me on hold a 2-3 times for a total of 15 minutes while he was supposedly speaking to the relevant department and then closed the line.
I would think that if he was actually doing what he said he was, that he would either call me back or he would sort it out since he had all of my information and was speaking to them.

A few days later i make a wire transfer and it gets cancelled without a reason and i get an email saying that if want to change my email i have to deposit again with my new one before i can withdraw from it and that i need to confirm either by live chat , email or the famous number to be done faster than 48 hours.

Is cryptocurrency cashier a scam

I reply to the email to confirm what i've been asking for the past month and i'm sitting here a week later with no reply.

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