Inc Com Cryptocurrency Vs Blockchain

Inc com cryptocurrency vs blockchain

  • Infrastructure
    & Liquidity

    For this new industry to gain global adoption and scale securely, continual investment in infrastructure is required.

    Inc com cryptocurrency vs blockchain

    Securing the network through strategic investment in decentralized mining operations will help maintain a healthy blockchain. Investment in infrastructure for liquidity such as BTMs (bitcoin atms) is required to make on/off-ramping to cryptocurrencies quick and simple.

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    Securing cost-effective energy near, or at, its source is required for sustainable and profitable mining. 

  • Digital

    Digital identity is not only an area of extreme interest but importance.

    Digital identities along with access systems are foundational pieces of our future.

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    They help provide access to health care, banking, and education to the 1.1 billion currently without ID. Blockchain solutions have been identified as potential solutions in providing secure digital identity.

  • Remittances/Cross-border

    Remittances are crucial for millions of people, sending money back home to their families.

    Inc com cryptocurrency vs blockchain

    For developing countries remittances reached $450 billion in 2017. On average they send $200, with a service fee of over 7%.

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    These transactions often take several days. Blockchain solutions allow for cheaper, faster, and more secure cross-border payments.

  • Democracy
    & Governance

    Governance in blockchain projects and global society is growing in importance and conflict.

    Inc com cryptocurrency vs blockchain

    There are many aspects where this comes into play primarily with funding, consensus, and the overall project. While a strong initial foundation remains robust and sufficient for the project, a good project will need to adapt to the changing environment.

    iMining is very interested in engaging with projects with a strong focus on governance.

  • Energy
    & Environment

    The energy sector has many known inefficiencies in which blockchain applications could provide solutions.

    Inc com cryptocurrency vs blockchain

    Using a platform that is decentralized could support more efficient systems through peer to peer transactions of energy and payments and programs that reward tokens for energy saving and recycling initiatives. A real-world application would be the ability to sell excess energy to nearby neighbours and receiving money from excess power through distributed ledgers that are clear and transparent.

    Inc com cryptocurrency vs blockchain

    Also, the ability to choose power from a clean source would directly benefit the environment.