Cryptocurrency Social Media Sites

Cryptocurrency social media sites

Cryptocurrency social media sites

'Belacam' Enables Users to Earn Money for Liked Photos

Belacam is a cryptocurrency-based social media site that is positioning itself as a competitor to Instagram and a place where users may earn between $.05 to $.10 for each like they get on their photos. As Belacam describes, this system "creates a new world where an artistic picture of your lunch earns money that can pay for the lunch itself."

The Ambia Fund, the parent company of Belacam, sees the new social media site as a way to support the markets and improve the waning demand for cryptocurrency.

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CEO Tyler Marx attributes the highs of the 2017 cryptocurrency bubble to speculation and anticipates that the next wave will be driven by people interacting with cryptocurrency in their daily life, thanks to seamless solutions Belacam—which will soon be launching as both a website and an app.