When Did Michael Kors Ipo

When did michael kors ipo

Michael Kors upsizes IPO, prices above range: underwriter

Michael Kors The Brand

“Michael Kors is the leading American fashion designer for luxury accessories and sportswear. The company’s heritage is rooted in producing polished, sleek, sophisticated American sportswear with a jet-set attitude.

When did michael kors ipo

Whether Aspen, Palm Beach or Capri, our mission is to bring our vision of a jet-set, luxury lifestyle to women and men around the globe. Our products, emblematic of the highest standard of quality, include apparel, accessories and beauty.

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Our lifestyle-driven company embraces the highest standards of creativity, quality, technology and human resources.”

This is the mission statement of one of the greatest American sportswear labels of our generation.

The Michael Kors label has become a household name, and for all the right reasons.

When did michael kors ipo

This is a label that has stuck to its guns and never falters when producing the most lavish yet wearable clothing on the runway.

The Michael Kors Label just celebrated its 30th anniversary, marking three decades of brilliance and finesse.

The History and Timeline of the Michael Kors Brand:

  • 1981: The Michael Kors label was born.
  • FUN FACT: The Michael Kors label was huge and launched in high-end retail stores such as Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Lord & Taylor and many others.
  • 1983: Michael Kors is awarded the First American Original Award from Dupont.
  • 1995: Michael Kors receives Elle/Cadillac Fashion Award for Excellence.
  • 1996: Michael Kors was named part of the ‘New Establishment’ by Vogue magazine.

    They even called the creative designer and namesake ‘one of the most influential designers of the decade.

  • 1997: Michael Kors releases a capsule menswear line, adding a new triumph to the label.
  • 1999: Michael Kors was given the CFDA Womenswear designer of the Year award.
  • 2000: The first women’s fragrance Michael Kors, called ‘Michael Kors’ is launched.
  • 2001: Accessories were added to the Michael Kors empire.

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    And why stop there? This same year, the label also launches their first men’s fragrance.

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    Michael Kors is nominated for the Accessories Designer of the year from the CFDA.

  • FUN FACT: Today Michael Kors accessories include handbags, eyewear, and belts. Michael Kors was not only nominated for the CFDA Accessories Designer of the Year Award, he was also nominated for this award in 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008.
  • 2002: Michael Kors launches a full-blown men’s collection.
  • 2003: Michael Kors is named the CFDA’s Menswear Designer of the Year.
  • 2004: The Michael Kors comes out with a new line, MICHAEL Michael Kors, and KORS Michael Kors.

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    These lines are launched in 350 stores in the United States and are made up of ready-to-wear, handbags, swimwear, jeans, footwear and other accessories. The company partners with the label Fossil to create and launch the Michael Kors watch line.

  • FUN FACT: The KORS line is seen as mid-tier line between the Michael Kors runway line and the MICHAEL line.


    The KORS line includes shoes and Jeans while the MICHAEL line is made up of handbags, accessories, and shoes.

  • 2005: The fragrance ‘Island Michael Kors’ is released.
  • FUN FACT: This fragrance reached such successes that there has been 4 special editions to date.
  • 2006: An expansion in the Michael Kors Company begins and they start by opening accessories specialty stores Internationally.
  • FUN FACT: Today there are over 60 of these accessory-based stores in North America, and locations in Munich, the Middle East, and Seoul.
  • 2009: Another Michael Kors fragrance, ‘Very Hollywood Michael Kors’, is launched adds to the roster of highly successful fragrances.
  • FUN FACT: From Hollywood to the White House, in 2009 First Lady, Michelle Obama chose a Michael Kors piece to wear in her first presidential portrait.
  • 2010: An expansion into Japan began with the launch of K.K.


    When did michael kors ipo

    Kors was given The Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award from the CFDA was given to Michael Kors. The Michael Kors fragrance company is also recognized this year with the Fragrance Foundation’s Fifi Hall of Fame Award for Lifetime Achievement.

  • FUN FACT: Michael Kors was the youngest recipient of the Geoffrey Beene award.
  • 2011: Michael Kors continues to work with Fossil and will be creating a Michael Kors Jewelry line.

    Michael Kors The Brand

    The Michael Kors label recently celebrated 3 decades of his namesake line with a lavish party during Paris Fashion Week.

  • FUN FACT: Michael Kors currently has flagship stores in: New York, Beverly Hills, Palm Beach, Chicago and Long Island. International Collection Stores: Milan and London.

    When did michael kors ipo

    This is not all, the Michael Kors label has 60 stores throughout North America.

Celebrity Fans:

  • Michelle Obama
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones
  • Natalie Portman
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Heidi Klum
  • Rachel McAdams
  • Bette Midler

Design Label:

  • Creative Director and CEO: Michael Kors
  • Co-Chairmen: Silas K.F.

    Chou and Lawrence S.

    When did michael kors ipo