Uk Ipo Right Start

Uk ipo right start

Uk ipo right start

UK Right Start Trademark Application

If you are filing a UK trademark application then you have the option to file through the UK Right Start Scheme. 

This means that you pay half of the UKIPO fees upfront and the remainder if you receive a successful examination report.

You can use the Right Start if you want the Intellectual Property Office to assess your application and tell you if it meets the rules for registration. They will issue an examination report.

So for example if you are unsure if your trademark is too descriptive to function as a trademark then rather than spending the total fee you can just pay half!

Uk ipo right start

Remember however that if your application has failed due to being too descriptive than you cannot change it. You will have to file a new application.

Uk ipo right start

This method just cuts down on the financial risk.

A 'normal' trademark application will cost £170 for one class. The right start will cost £200 for one class. 

If you would like to discuss this or any other aspect of your application than please get in touch for a free consultation.

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