Maximum Amount Ipo Retail Investor

Maximum amount ipo retail investor

If you are a Retail Investor, you can apply in an IPO for not more than Rs.

Maximum amount ipo retail investor

100000. Below given are the steps to apply in a Book-Building IPO as Retail Investor:

1) Click on 'Apply' button given against the IPO in which you wish to apply.

2) On clicking 'Apply' button, the system opens a new web page.

Maximum amount ipo retail investor

Now, choose the DP account from 'Choose DP Account' drop-down box.

3) Select 'Retail Investor' option to apply as a Retail Investor.

4) Now, you need to select your Bid Preference.

There are two ways to place your bid:

a) To place bid at 'Cut-Off Price', select 'Cut-off Price' option. This option comes useful when you wish to place the bid at the price decide by the issue company.

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Note! On selecting this option, the system considers the maximum bid price and populates it in 'Price' field.

b) To place bids at the desired price, select 'Bid' option. You can place 3 bids of different prices as per your preference.

5) If you have selected 'Cut-off Price', you only need to enter the quantity in 'Quantity' text box.

Maximum amount ipo retail investor

Alternatively, if you have decided to place your own bids, enter the bid price (in Price field) and the bid quantity (in Quantity field). To apply for the maximum quantity on the basis of price mentioned, select/check 'Apply Maximum' check box.

6) Once you enter all the details, the system automatically populates the maximum bid amount in Highest Bid Value field.

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Note! To apply in the given IPO, you need to transfer funds equal to the amount mentioned in this field.

7) Now, click on 'Place Order' button. On clicking, the system displays IPO Disclosure Document for the given IPO. You can read the details and then, give your consent by selecting/checking the given check box.

Note! You can view the current status of your IPO application from IPO Order Book.

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