Ipo Trademark Application Status

Ipo trademark application status

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Welcome to China Patent & Trademark Office web site, the online Chinese patent & trademark resource.

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Ipo trademark application status

The fastest search service can allow customers to search all trademarks which have been registered or are being applied for in mainland China from the year 1980 to the 6 months before today.

All trademarks' legal status can also be searched, including those approved by WIPO and designated by Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks. On the one hand, Chinese is the only designated official language of China and Chinese government has adopted many kinds of trademarks' registration classifications from 1980 to now and didn't integrate itself with into the world system until 1993.

On the other hand, due to the complexity of Chinese and the irregularity of the classifications, the translations for goods and service may not be 100% correct.


Please forgive us. We will try our best to solve this problem and we believe that in the near future you will be more convenient to use it. The system can follow the registration number, Chinese, English, and varieties of ways to search. Chinese registration numbers are arranged in accordance with the Arabic numerals in additive manner.

Madrid international trademark registration number designated to enter China should add the letter G before the original Arabic numerals such as 'G932625'. Each time you just can choose one way to search.

Name and address of the applicant, agent name etc is in Chinese pinyin ways to help you understand well.

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If you made the application with names and addresses in English, the system will retain its original state. If you have found the graph or picture is inverted, please enter the details of the viewing and click on the image then it will be displayed correctly. The system is completely free to use.

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You can find the details of trademark applications and the current legal status and review of the state on this system for your trademarks which have been already applied for or are registrating.

Special attention to this: if you did not make the application in the standard classification in accordance with specifications of goods and services, then your application will not be found at this website about one year. You can find the information on specification documents for trademark application from today to six months ago.

Ipo trademark application status

Because of the complexity and diversity of Chinese language and the diversity of patented technology search for English is currently only available in abstract, text can not be retrieved. The patent which is pending and Design patent can not be searched on this website. We appeal to the understanding.

How to check status of a trademark application in India?

Since the huge amount of data and quite a lot of visitors to access this system, if it can not be accessed temporarily when you search please try again later.

Disclaimer "China Trademark office Website" provides free search of trademark registration information, which is ONLY for reference without any legal effect according to the international practice.

In spite of this, we still make every effort to offer as accurate information as possible to the public, and update the information of china in the trademark database in a timely manner.

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Where there is any problem concerning information related to trademark registration, please refer to Trademark Gazette published in china. we shall not be held liable for any result caused by use of trademark registration information on this website.

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Considering the fact that shanghai is the economic center of china, we decided to authorize Shanghai Sounding Intellectual Property Agency co., LTD to do the web site maintenance and management after careful selections.The trademark search function on this site is debugging we will be more grateful if you can offer us your precious suggestion and advice, we will improve it as soon as possible.

The foreign entities and individuals having no permanent residence or business office in China, according to Chinese Patent and Trademark Laws, must be represented by an authorized Chinese patent and trademark firm in patent and trademark prosecution and other proceedings before the State Intellectual Property and Trademark Office as well as the Patent and Trademark Re-examination Board.

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Ipo trademark application status

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