Integral Ad Science Ipo

Integral ad science ipo

Bidtellect is Integrated with IAS’s “Real-Time Signals” Offering to Track and Optimize Against Their Viewability Numbers


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– Bidtellect, a paid content distribution and analytics company, announced an expanded partnership with Integral Ad Science (IAS), the measurement and analytics company that empowers the advertising industry, to increase advertisers’ insight into viewability metrics for their native campaigns. With this partnership, Bidtellect is now integrated with IAS viewability verification, enabling advertisers to track and optimize viewability numbers down to the creative/placement level within the Bidtellect platform.

“We are excited to grow our partnership with Bidtellect.

Our goal is to enable greater trust and transparency within digital advertising”

This integration is in addition to Bidtellect’s existing partnership with IAS, which includes two pre-bid segments: ad fraud prevention and brand safety protection.

Integral ad science ipo

Bidtellect has a proprietary viewability solution in place but sees tremendous value in providing users with access to a trusted, industry leading third-party partner like IAS to bolster advertisers’ confidence in their digital advertising spend.

Bidtellect is dedicated to ensuring that advertisers have an accurate understanding of when their content is actually being seen and engaged with by users.

“As viewability continues to become more of a focus across the industry and for advertisers in particular, the importance of having a viewability solution integrated into our platform is critical,” said Salah Shami, Senior Director of Product at Bidtellect.

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“By layering IAS’s data on top of our currently existing solution and optimization algorithm, we’re empowering our users to make the informed decisions they need to make to ensure they meet and exceed campaign viewability goals.”

“We are excited to grow our partnership with Bidtellect.

Our goal is to enable greater trust and transparency within digital advertising,” said Daniel Levine, Vice President, Business Development, Integral Ad Science.

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“We look forward to taking another step toward cleaning up the digital ecosystem by advancing viewability transparency.”

About Bidtellect

Bidtellect is the leading paid content distribution platform providing marketers with one platform to execute Native campaigns across all formats and devices including text, imagery, and video. Marketers leverage Bidtellect’s proprietary real-time optimization algorithms, first- and third- party data targeting, advanced KPI optimization and a team of industry experts, to drive real results for paid content distribution campaigns to deliver smart advertising.

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Bidtellect delivers access to the world’s most expansive Native ecosystem of premium placements in order to achieve unparalleled scale.

The company is headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida and was launched in 2013 by the digital media industry’s most successful ad tech pioneers.

About Integral Ad Science (IAS)

Integral Ad Science (IAS) is a global technology and data company that builds verification, optimization, and analytics solutions to empower the advertising industry to effectively influence consumers everywhere, on every device.

We solve the most pressing problems for brands, agencies, publishers and technology companies by ensuring that every impression has the opportunity to be effective, optimizing towards opportunities to consistently improve results, and analyzing digital’s impact on consumer actions.

Integral ad science ipo

Built on data science and engineering, IAS is headquartered in New York with global operations in thirteen countries. Our growth and innovation have been recognized in Inc.

Integral ad science ipo

500, Forbes’ Most Promising Companies, Business Insider’s Hottest Pre-IPO Ad Tech Startups and I-COM’s Smart Data Marketing Technology Company. Learn more at

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