Individual Prescription Order Ipo Ipp

Individual prescription order ipo ipp

There is an interface between sd and fi in invoicing.

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Can you think of another interface between sd and fi?

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In SD points of view "What are the reports?".

Are we use reports for Internal purpose or External purpose?.

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What types of reports we are generate. I want with example.

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Pls explain me in detail. Thank Q.

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Pls reply me any body. Ramesh

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How we do the PS to Order?

Ingredient matches for IPP

6 Answers   TCS,

Hi,In transportation while am creating shipment cost document am getting this error "forward shipment cost items incorrect" kindly any one answer me.thanks in adv

0 Answers   IBM,

While doing MB1C i am getting this error, Number ranges for trans./ enent type WA in year 2011 does not exits.

Plz help me on this ....

3 Answers   TCS,

What is the importance of access sequence while creating condition record?

Individual prescription order ipo ipp

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Over head cost controlling component enables you to plan, allocate, control and monitor overhead costs.

which of the following fall under over head cost controlling?

IPP Payment Notification Service

a)Cost element accounting b)Cost center accounting c)Internal Orders d)Activity based costing e)Plant based costing.

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what are the common user exit used in sd ?

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What are the two types of backordering processing?

Individual prescription order ipo ipp

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Which sub module of sap could make business areas obsolete and can one business area be assigned to several company codes?

And what is z transaction?

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what is mars.pls tel me.

Further information

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Hi, If I assigned Warehouse number to Plant and go for delivery using LT03,getting error message,not able to save.what may be the reason. what may the reason for account determination error.I have done account determination,then also getting error.

Individual prescription order ipo ipp

Regards Mahendra

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