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Currently I am writing an article on why you should not invest in an IPO. However its taking longer time than expected.

In view of the upcoming IndiGo’s parent “InterGlobe Aviation” IPO – I had to send this email in a hurry.

Please DO NOT subscribe to this IPO.

DO NOT Buy IndiGo IPO as the company recently paid huge dividends to its owners just before IPO – it is not a good sign.

In any case subscribing to an IPO is a bad investment idea for retail investors. But I am sure many of you must be interested in this IPO as IndiGo is a profit making company.

Remember that DLF was also making huge profits when it came with its IPO – but see how it performed after the IPO.

Still languishing.

If you really want to buy IndiGo share its better to wait for the IPO to be over and after couple of months you can take a decision on whether to buy or not from the open market.

By that time you will get an idea of how the stock is performing, but please do not buy shares in its IPO.

Couple of months is also a very small time frame – but still its better than investing in IPO.

Let market decide the correct price in a few months after the IPO then buy/don’t buy IndiGo’s shares – but for now just DO NOT subscribe to its IPO.


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