Deutsche Bank Tech Ipo

Deutsche bank tech ipo

“There are huge opportunities to craft Deutsche Bank’s approach to technology.

Deutsche Bank to Set DWS IPO Price at 32.50 Euros a Share

Currently, I’m responsible for setting up a small team of developers and business people to quickly prototype application program interface products and establish a corresponding process. I have the chance to manage the topic right from the start, which is a testament to the nature of our working environment. Together with my supportive colleagues, whom I have always felt are open and willing to share their knowledge, I am excited to take on that challenge.

Deutsche bank tech ipo

For those who are open-minded and ready to involve themselves in a challenging environment, technology at Deutsche Bank is definitely worth joining.”

Advice for your advancement

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions – people will always appreciate that you are eager to learn new things and be more likely to support your learning efforts. And have fun!

Deutsche bank tech ipo

Work won’t always be fun, but if you find a topic you’re passionate about it becomes that much easier to overcome challenges and perform well.”