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Top ten forex robots

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Which Is The Best FOREX ROBOT In The World? (you dont know this)! Can An FOREX ROBOT Nail 355.46% In 19 Days? Forex Robot World Cup Secret Robot (355.46%)!

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Fusion-V 1.1a Bot is unveiled! 355.46% in 19 days! Fusion-V 1.1a? How did it nail 355.46%? Go to this Forex Robot World Cup Special Page just now in order to access:

– The Fusion V 1.1a Forex Robot (video)

– The FRWC Champion (video)

– The FRWC “Brutal Truth” Report ( 40 Page PDF)

– The FXCM Interview (audio)

– The Story Of The FRWC (video)

Do you know about the Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC)?

Like always…I knew the FRWC was going to put out something new this week and they have!


The Forex Robot World Cup is about to introduce you to the 1st place winner, Drazen Ziskovic (145.60%). It’s time to take a road trip!

Top ten forex robots

This video is so cool – it really makes you feel like you’re inside a global village. That’s the secret weapon of the FRWC – tapping into the best minds on the planet!

I have been following The Forex Robot World Cup… the biggest and most important INDEPENDENT Forex robot developers competition… real money – live trading!

I wanted to see if these guys were the real McCoy. I wanted to make sure they were transparent.

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Actually, let me rephrase that, I was hoping that these guys were real because there’s really no one in this market prepared to stick their neck out and lay it all on the line.

–> #1 Ranked Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC) Robot At 156.91% Profit In Just 11 Days!

–> Soon, The Top Competing EAs Of The FRWC Will Be Available For Purchase

If you have not been following the Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC)…Just a small re-cap:

The Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC) was sponsered and created by FXCM (a leading global forex brokerage firm) and Boston Technologies ( a leader in providing technology solutions, business advice, and trading assistance for the Forex, CFD and Futures Industries) with the objective of finding the best NON-COMMERCIAL Forex robot in the world through a competition based on solid and transparent rules.

What does non-commercial mean?

Top ten forex robots

Simple, robots that are not being sold or marketed anywhere but are solely used by their developers!

Hundreds of independent robot developers from all over the globe joined the FRWC to compete for the #1 Prize… US $100,000 (which is why the FRWC got the BEST of the BEST robot developers to participate)! Now… the competition has two phases, the qualification phase and the live (real money) trading phase.

Top 10 Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC) Ranked Robots

As of December 1st, 2009 the live trading phase started with 24 robots out of the 329 submitted during the qualification phase (which lasted over 2 months!)

Yes… ONLY 24 robots!

Why so few?

Simple – the FRWC’s qualification rules are TOUGH! They have the sole objective of truly having the best of the best compete… robots that have the potential of not just having good results for a short period of time…

…but robots that can be consistently profitable over time.

You can view the live (real money) results of the 24 competing FRWC robots (updates every 15 minutes) on the Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC) Website…and, by the way, you will also be able to view each robot’s real money live account statement so you can see each and every trade it takes as the competition progresses, right through to the end on Friday, January 29th, 2010.

> Stage 1: The EA Submission Phase

Formally started on September 20th, 2009 and lasted until November 25th, 2009 (67 days).

Over 300 EA developers from every corner of the globe submitted their EAs during this phase in order to qualify for the live trading phase and be eligible to win one of the FRWC cash prizes, the first prize being US $100,000.

Top ten forex robots

Now, this is something you truly need to understand – it is KEY: EAs submitted during this phase had to comply with the FRWC’s rules which are the toughest ever created, in order to qualify for the live trading phase.

Why are the rules so tough?

Simply because that is what is needed in order to find a true winner in terms of long-term profitable performance. And THAT is why the winning robots of the FRWC are in a league of their own, they not only passed a tough pre-screening, they are also proving themselves during 2 whole months of live, real-money trading.

> Stage 2: The Live Trading Phase

From the 329 robots submitted in phase 1, 24 adhered to the FRWC’s rules and moved on to phase 2, the live trading phase which started on December 1st, 2009 and will end on January 29th, 2010 (2 months of live trading).

Best Profitable Forex EA Trading Robot - from $100 to $3,43,921 in one month

All robots were placed on $1,000 real-money live accounts funded by the FRWC. The FRWC’s primary objective throughout the competition and its various processes and stages was to be 100% transparent.

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It is truly exciting to finally see an event designed to separate truth from hype…

…let me explain. Once the live phase of the Forex Robot World Cup (FRWC) is over this coming Friday, the winning robots will be available for purchase (in very small quantities).

Top ten forex robots

This means one simple thing: THE END OF B.S. ROBOTS IN THE MARKET!

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Once and for all, forex traders will be able to put their hands on real, PROVEN money making forex robots. No marketing hype… no cheap sales pitches… just the natural outcome of the most important automatic forex trading competition, which YOU can follow live AND verify on a daily basis! By the way… after almost 2 months of live, real money trading, the leading robot is at 156.91% profit!

I don’t know about you, but I have been (and will be) following this thing on a daily basis until the end!

Remember – this is the biggest and most important forex robot competition and, for the first time ever, forex traders will have access to the best of the best “PROVEN in real time”, real-money robots.

Top 30 Ranking

The Forex Robot World Cup(FRWC) decided to release a very limited number of copies so I recommend that you get on their mailing list and don’t just follow the competition closely but also check your inbox regularly for updates on when the product will be available.

Update:  FRWC’s Royal Trader™ is going to be released soon and it features:

1:  The Top 5-7 Wining Robots Of The Forex Competition

The FRWC’s Royal Trader™ will consist of the top 5-7 winning EAs from the competition depending on final performance results of the live trading phase.

Clients will digitally download each robot from within the members area. Each EA will include very sophisticated security features which will:

a) Resist hacking of the EA, and
b) Prevent use of the EA unless valid data is provided by the user.

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2:  Members Area

Every client will have lifetime access to a value-packed members area after purchasing FRWC’s Royal Trader™. Some of the planned features of the members area include contact information for email, ticket-based and telephone support, a knowledgebase, frequent live webinars, special guest interviews, an EA Lab and more.

3:  Installation and Operational Education and Assistance

Rob Casey, the author of FAP Turbo Expert Guide has announced that he will be releasing a Forex Robot World Cup Expert Guide that will help in optimizing the settings of these robots to get the maximum performance from them under all conditions.