Mastering Price Action Course Urban Forex

Mastering price action course urban forex

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Dear 4thelasers,

Im so sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. That was truly not our attention. We really appreciate your feedback, and hope you do give us the chance to make it right!

I would also like to take this chance to comment on your points


  1. Re: Money-back guarantee Im really happy to hear that your experience with our Money-back guarantee was solid.

    Mastering price action course urban forex

    If our product didnt helped you, we need to take responsibility. Obviously, in your case, we did not do a good job communicating what the product accomplishes and who it is for.

  2. Re: Presentation slides Were normally known for our exception attention to detail, and we regret that we missed that. Im talking with the team later this week so Ill make sure to show them our conversation and add your vote for using slides as the backbone of our course.
  3. Re: Rules Thank you for your feedback.

    Mastering price action course urban forex

    This is not a strategy with rules as such. We really read the market as it is.

    Mastering price action course urban forex

    This will make all strategies redundant. So in this lesson for instance (buyers territories) only focus on drawing territories like Navin does.


    In the upcoming lessons you would have got more info, step by step. We also have a comment sections below each video.

    Mastering Buyers and Sellers in Forex - Urban Forex

    There are very good questions in there, which we have already answered also. There you also have a series of measurable rules to action on your trading. You also had the chance to contact us via email to ask your questions. Our staff is always available whenever you may need us.

  4. Re: 4 courses Its true after 4 weeks you get a graduation offer.

    Forex indicator that shows both directional volume and real volume

    This consists of correlation, supply and demand, roadmap and timing. As a bonus there is a one month free Elite Community membership added.

    We don't say or recommend that you have to buy the 4 courses, because the MPA course teaches you everything you need to know to be consistently profitable.

    Mastering price action course urban forex

    Here I would like to refer here to our Facebook-Reviews: The 4 course bundles gives you more tools to become more profitable and really take your trading a level higher.

  5. Re: Weekly course Im sorry you had a bad experience.

    Customer Reviews

    Weve been in business 10 years, we serve thousands of customers and we strive to create the best possible learning experience for the community. The lessons being released on weekly basis is done on purpose.

    This will give a student time to really digest the knowledge and practice as much as he/she can.

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    Weve seen that people need this time to focus on one subject at a time - even when (or maybe especially) when they already have some trading experience or think they get it, because bad habits need to be broken down to fully digest and cement the knowledge.

    If students are give too much information at once, they are all over the place and nowhere. They end up not profiting from this course.

I hope that I can convince you to change your mind about our mastering price action course.

Mastering price action course urban forex

Please reach out to me directly at [email protected] if you would be willing to give us a chance to turn your experience around. It would be such a pleasure to welcome you back to our community!

With much appreciation,
Customer Relations Manager