Exchange Rates City Forex

Exchange rates city forex

To order foreign cash, drafts, travelers cheques and wire transfers, please visit a branch.

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If you require more information regarding foreign cash/draft, travellers cheques and wire transfers, please contact the member service centre at 604-877-7000 or toll free at 1-888-Vancity (826-2489).

The following rates are for cash (paper currency notes).

Exchange rates city forex

Please note, you will receive a more favourable exchange rate for transactions involving cheques, drafts, travellers’ cheques, and wire transfers. This is because non-cash transactions incur lower shipping and processing costs than those involving paper currency notes.

Member Buys: is the rate for members to buy currency and pay in Canadian dollars.
Member Sells: is the rate for members to sell currency and receive Canadian dollars.

Exchange rates city forex

FX Most Popular Currencies (Rates effective 2020-01-16) Member BuysMember Sells
United States (Dollar)1.3301001.280100
Euro (Euro)1.5168801.391670
United Kingdom (Pound)1.7657601.640550
Australia (Dollar)0.9441300.874220
Japan (Yen)0.0131800.011550
Other Foreign Exchange Currencies (Rates effective 2020-01-16) Member BuysMember Sells
Argentine (Peso)0.0254600.017950
Australia (Dollar)0.9441300.874220
Barbados (Dollar)0.7020700.584270
Belize (Dollar)0.7517400.554830
Brazil (Real)0.3549900.276780
Cayman Islands (Dollar)1.6847301.406700
Chile (Peso)0.0018800.001560
China (Yuan)0.2028000.175490
Colombia (Peso)0.0004500.000360
Costa Rica (Colon)0.0025400.002200
Czech (Koruna)0.0625500.054210
Denmark (Krone)0.2028100.188610
Dominican Republic (Peso)0.0272800.023430
East Caribbean (Dollar)0.5192900.445280
Egypt (Pound)0.0919500.075640
Euro (Euro)1.5168801.391670
Fiji (Dollar)0.6907600.586350
Guatemala (Quetzal)0.1844500.160140
Honduras (Lempira)0.0594100.044990
Hong Kong (Dollar)0.1748300.161620
Hungary (Forint)0.0048000.003970
Iceland (Krona)0.0117200.010010
India (Rupee)0.0199600.017290
Indonesia (Rupiah)0.0001200.000080
Israel (New Shekel)0.4132200.355710
Jamaica (Dollar)0.0120300.008910
Japan (Yen)0.0131800.011550
Jordan (Dinar)1.9989521.704981
Kenya (Shilling)0.0140100.011610
Korea (Won)0.0012300.001080
Malaysia (Ringgit)0.3497800.311570
Mexico (Peso)0.0736200.067350
Morocco (Dirham)0.1546500.127830
New Zealand (Dollar)0.9094700.840960
Norway (Kroner)0.1539500.142240
Oman (Rial)3.7344503.104950
Pakistan (Rupee)0.0092800.005330
Peru (Nuevo Sol)0.4325600.368950
Philippines (Peso)0.0279300.024880
Poland (Zloty)0.3771100.327490
Qatar (Riyal)0.3962500.299370
Saudi Arabia (Riyal)0.3732900.305980
Singapore (Dollar)1.0167400.925830
South Africa (Rand)0.0969200.085640
Sweden (Krone)0.1439700.131360
Switzerland (Franc)1.3975601.312650
Taiwan (Dollar)0.0475900.042330
Thailand (Baht)0.0466200.041510
Trinidad and Tobago (Dollar)0.2129100.149580
Turkey (New Lira)0.2504200.209110
United Arab Emirates (Dirham)0.3814100.317700
United Kingdom (Pound)1.7657601.640550
United States (Dollar)1.3301001.280100

All rates are for informational purposes and are subject to change throughout the day without notice.

Rates are not guaranteed until time of booking.

For information on service charges, please see the Service Charge Bulletin.


Exchange rates city forex