Whitepaper Pattern Cryptocurrency Erc20

Whitepaper pattern cryptocurrency erc20

“StormX, Inc.

Whitepaper pattern cryptocurrency erc20

(“StormX”) is rebranding its popular AdTech application “BitMaker” to “Storm Play,” and contemporaneously kicking off both the increased gamification of, and the integration of blockchain technology to, the app. To introduce blockchain technology into its technology stack, StormX is introducing the STORM token, an ERC20-compliant token that operates on the Ethereum blockchain.

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“Storm Makers,” who post tasks in the Storm Play app, are required to pay for posts in STORM tokens, and “Storm Players,” who are the users of the app earn rewards, denominated in Bolts, for performing tasks.

With the introduction of Storm Play, Storm Players now have the option of monetizing their earned Bolts in STORM tokens.

Whitepaper pattern cryptocurrency erc20

Storm Players may then become Storm Makers by in turn using STORM tokens to pay to post tasks on the platform.”


Storm (STORM)-Whitepaper