What Is Moon In Cryptocurrency

What is moon in cryptocurrency


What is moon in cryptocurrency

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What is moon in cryptocurrency

I'm sure some people want to know what a cryptocurrency faucet is;

What is cryptocurrency faucet?

Cryptocurrency faucets are reward systems in the form of a website or app, that dispenses rewards in the form of a particular cryptocurrency or cryptocurrencies which is for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or task as described by the website.

Coinpot Faucets

Coinpot is just a Cryptocurrency microwallet that is used to hodl, transfer and exchange coins made from faucets.

There are seven (7) faucets linked to coinpot and these faucets help users earn Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoin.

All you have to do is claim these coins atleast once a day.

Your claims will be made directly to your coinpot account and you can withdraw to any other wallet when you reach the minimum withdrawal limit or exchange to another coin.

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I have some withdrawals in the last few months.


Dogecoin has the least withdrawal limit of just 50 DOGE and there is no extra fee for withdrawal.

What i always do is exchange all other coins for DOGE then withdraw DOGE.

If you want to start earning with these faucet, you will need a coinpot account.

Register here

Then use these links to sign up for each faucet.

  1. Litecoin; http://moonliteco.in/?ref=babf1e8b92f5

  2. http://moonbit.co.in/?ref=97d904ddcf37

  3. http://moondoge.co.in/?ref=4f548f25f71c

  4. http://moonb.ch/?ref=EAC0D3B5F938

  5. http://moondash.co.in/?ref=DE7B97973B75

  6. http://bonusbitcoin.co/?ref=AD1356259E0A

  7. http://bitfun.co/?ref=49D435E189C5

I have join the last two using the links of my active followers in the comments.


I created an opportunity for anyone to post the last two links. Thus, i have edited the post to include number 6 and 7.

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What is moon in cryptocurrency