What Goods And Services You Can Buy With Each Cryptocurrency

What goods and services you can buy with each cryptocurrency

Ever wonder what each cryptocurrency does? Well you’re in luck, as we’ve put together the ultimate list of cryptocurrencies and mentioned generally what each one does or intends to do*. What’s more, they’re all explained in simple terms which most people can understand (none of that complex jargon)! If you find it useful be sure to share with others. 🙂

#LogoNameSymbolWhat It Does In Simple Terms
1BitcoinBTCA peer to peer currency used to buy goods.

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Also widely used to buy other cryptocurrencies aka alt coins. The first cryptocurrency.

2EthereumETHEthereum allows people to create their own cryptocurrency using the platform.

Their coin, Ether, is used to fund the network.

3RippleXRPGives banks a solution which allows them to send payments globally for cheaper than traditional banking.
4Bitcoin CashBCHAllows people to send money to each other without the need for a bank.

Originates from the Bitcoin code.

5CardanoADABoth a cryptocurrency, and a platform which allows you to create contracts between you and another party.

As a real-world example, let’s say a condition is met (a student passes their course). The contract states that when a student passes a course, the university automatically issues them a qualification which is then stored on the blockchain where it can’t be tampered or faked.

Top Cryptocurrency List 2019

When a future employer wants to check if a potential employee has the claimed qualification, they can check the record.

6LitecoinLTCA digital currency and an alternative to Bitcoin. Use it to send money to anyone with a Litecoin wallet worldwide.
7NEMXEMA platform with multiple uses.

What goods and services you can buy with each cryptocurrency

First, you can build your own cryptocurrency using it. Next, NEM can be used to store and manage almost any data type, such as voting, ownership of stock, accounting records, game data and more.

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You can also connect it with non-blockchain technologies using API keys.

8StellarXLMAims to make trading between currencies easier. Puts banks, people and payment networks on an even level.
9IOTAMIOTAA feeless trading platform which allows your ‘Internet Of Things’ devices (physical devices with data chips which can connect to the internet) to trade their resources with each other.


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you can use some resources on your Apple Watch to buy two coffees which a connected coffee machine makes.

10DashDASHDigital cash which you can spend both online and instore.
11TRONTRXA platform where users can store, publish and sell entertainment related content.

Think of it like an app store such as iTunes, but one that’s

12NEONEOA network that lets programmers create programs on the blockchain.

Also used to manage digital assets.

13EOSEOSEOS allows you to create your own apps (blockchain apps).

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It also allows you to test them publicly.

14MoneroXMR A digital currency that allows you to buy things privately.

When using it no one can see your transaction history.

15Bitcoin GoldBTGA cryptocurrency which can be used to pay for things.
16QtumQTUMAllows businesses to build apps on their platform.
17Ethereum ClassicETCA platform that runs apps exactly as intended by the app developers.

No censorship occurs to the apps running on their platform. Their coin is called ‘Classic Ether’.

18ICONICXConnects different blockchains together.

By doing this it allows people to share information, payments and services which might not have otherwise been connected.

19RaiBlocksXRBA payment system which allows transactions worldwide that are feeless and instant.
20LiskLSKAllows blockchain applications to be built on their platform.
21OmiseGOOMGAllows real time peer to peer payments and exchanges of value.
22VergeXVGA digital currency which puts a strong emphasis on privacy.

What goods and services you can buy with each cryptocurrency

Spend your money without everyone being able to see your transactions.

23Binance CoinBNBCan be used to get a discount on any fees you pay when using the Binance Exchange.

Discounts will only be given for the first 4 years of the coin’s existence, after that they’ll be used in other ways.

24ZcashZECA cryptocurrency which protects the identity and privacy of it’s users, so people can’t see your payment history.
25SiacoinSCCloud storage which stores your data securely on many hosts around the world.

What goods and services you can buy with each cryptocurrency

Only you can access your files, no other company.

26BitConnectBCCA shut down community which used to allow you to trade and invest in Bitcoin, while also educating you on the process. It also allowed other Bitcoin related opportunities such as staking, mining and a community.
27PopulousPPTConnects invoice sellers and invoice buyers without the need for a third party.

Aims to disrupt the invoice financing system as it currently stands.

28VeChainVENOffers blockchain based services for other companies. They aim to enhance other company’s products and information handling through their service.
29BytecoinBCNA currency which allows you to make payments anonymously.
30KuCoin SharesKCSWhen people trade on the Kucoin Exchange, they pay a fee each time.

Everyone who holds Kucoin Shares will get a share of all the fees charged by the exchange.

31StratisSTRATAllows you to make and test your blockchain based apps.
32BitSharesBTSOffers multiple financial solutions, such as banking, exchange of currency and other assets, and borrowing.
33TetherUSDTA currency which aims to be more stable that other cryptocurrencies.

What goods and services you can buy with each cryptocurrency

It does that by backing the value of it’s currency against the USD. So 1 tether should always be worth 1 USD.

34ArdorARDRAllows other companies to make blockchain based products without having to develop their own from scratch.
35StatusSNTStatus has a few uses.

What goods and services you can buy with each cryptocurrency

First, it allows users to see other apps through the Status browser (which you’ll download on your phone). Next, it allows you to send and receive Ether payments (and store them). Lastly, it acts as a market place for buying and selling goods from other users local to you using Ether.

36DogecoinDOGEA fun digital currency which is used for peer to peer transactions.
37AugurREPAllows you to bet with other users on the outcome of real world events.

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For example, bet on who will be the next president, who will win the world series etc.

38WavesWAVESAn exchange which allows you to trade your currencies.

The Waves coin will allow you to trade on this platform.

39SteemSTEEMSteem allows publishers to make money from their content.

They do this by allowing you to reward members of your community who take certain desired actions (e.g.

Audis Sold for Digital Coins

posting blog posts, commenting on blog post etc). Steemit, a social network, is the first of those such apps.

40DragonchainDRGNA platform which will allow businesses in various industries to easily create apps. Made by Disney.
41DigiByteDGBAllows users to protect their digital assets such as files, digital data and currency.

420xZRXAn exchange which allows you to better trade ERC20 tokens on Ethereum.

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ERC20 tokens are cryptocurrencies that are built using Ethereum.

43WAXWAXAllows you to create a virtual marketplace which can be used for trading digital assets. You pay with their WAX coins. Their target market is gamers. So if you have a virtual sword from a specific game for example, you can trade it for WAX coins.
44DentacoinDCNA currency and series of tools for the dental industry.

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For example, there’s a trading platform for dental related products for dentists and patients, a review platform, a database with patient’s records and more.

45ArkARKAims to make cryptocurrencies and the blockchain in general go mainstream.

They aim to do this by providing developers and users with various tools the Ark team will produce.

46VeritaseumVERIA peer to peer platform which allows the selling and buying of software and tools.
47HshareHSRA cryptocurrency which can distribute ‘value’ (e.g.

currencies) across various platforms.

48KomodoKMDAllows people and companies to build their own coins and apps. As they’re aiming to be a complete solution, they’ll also help you set up your initial coin offering (ICO for short, which is a way to get your first coins bought by the general public).
49MediBlocMEDTargeting the healthcare industry, MediBloc makes all your medical information available to you in one easy place (e.g.

an app on your phone). It will also be used for making transactions for medical based products such as medicine, insurance and more.

50ElectroneumETNA cryptocurrency which is used through an app on your phone.

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Aims to make buying things through cryptocurrency easier than it already is.

51PIVXPIVXA cryptocurrency which allows you to send payments in private, or expose the details to those people you want.
52GolemGNTProvides ‘computer power’ to any developer who needs it.

For example, if you want to render your videos faster but your computer isn’t powerful enough, you can complete the task using someone else’s computer power. You then pay them via the Golem currency for that ability.

53DecredDCRA community powered digital currency which isn’t run by any third party.
54DentDENTAllows anyone to buy and sell mobile data on a peer to peer level.
55Basic Attention TokenBATAims to make digital advertising cheaper and less open to fraud.

Allows publishers and advertisers to come together and exchange exposure for currency.

56QASHQASHAims to make the cryptocurrency market more ‘liquid’.

Meaning that if you want to sell your coins, you can do so as soon as you want to.

57SALTSALTAllows you to get cash loans by securing your cryptocurrencies against the loan.
58EthosETHOSA general cryptocurrency with a community who shares investment related advice and gets rewarded for doing so.
59GXSharesGXSAllows you to send and receive data, and provides a service where you can verify specific information.
60Kyber NetworkKNCAllows you to exchange your digital assets, and also convert them where possible.

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With regard to cryptocurrencies, they’ll allow you to accept payments from any coin type.

61Experience PointsXPA coin which rewards people for achieving certain things.

For example, if you’re a gamer who does well at games or a student who does well in school, you’ll get experience points.

What goods and services you can buy with each cryptocurrency

You can then use these points / currency to buy goods.

62FunFairFUNAllows you to create and run your own online casino.
63KinKINConnects different digital services.

Allows you to purchase these services using Kin coin.

64BytomBTMAllows you to register your offline assets on the blockchain.

On Amazon, you can buy goods for bitcoins

From there you can exchange them with other people.

65ReddCoinRDDA currency that is used on social networks to send and receive payments. Focuses on being easy for users.

* Important note: While the above shows what each company intends to do, please note that not all companies will have an already working product.

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Some are years away from launch. Please always do your own additional research about each company and use this as a reference point more than anything.

Top Cryptocurrency List 2019

So now you know what each coin does, which are the top ones to invest in during 2019?

What Does Each Cryptocurrency Do?

Well to be honest, that’d be impossible for me to say as I can’t predict the future. That said, you should use the above cryptocurrency list to see which coins you feel will benefit the world the most. You always want to look at how much competition they have, what kind of team they’ve got behind them, and how big their community is.

If they score highly in all of those areas (and they aren’t currently over-priced), then it might be worth investing in if you believe in it.

Using the above specs can help you come up with your own best cryptocurrency list in 2019, as well as in future years.