What Cryptocurrency With Small Budget

What cryptocurrency with small budget


What cryptocurrency with small budget


My number one pick at the moment is PIVX. The coin has been around for quite some time and the team really seems to know what they're doing.

With a current market cap of $124,610,107, Pivx has the potential to be 10x what it is today by the end of this year alone.

What cryptocurrency with small budget

The coin seems to have between 1 and 5 million (dollars) consistent trading volume each day which is showing that this really isn't being treated as a pump and dump coin. Also, it's limited supply of 53,796,586 is currently great, and is making it more and more scarce in the long run (like Bitcoin) which could cause massive ROI long term.

The team has recently made some huge announcements such as being one of the first coins to implement Zerocoin protocol and also are working on a POS device in which you will be able to use in supermarkets, shops in order to make purchases, something most similar coins do not have physically in the works.


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Siacoin is an interesting but dangerous coin to invest in my opinion.

With a disastrous couple of weeks for the coin, it has now potentially been left undervalued. The fall over the past few weeks has been due to a number of things.

What cryptocurrency with small budget

Firstly the Obelisk announcement (bad for current miners, great in the long run though). This will allow much higher hashpower of the network and will help the development long term most likely. Another major reason has been due to the entire crypto market crash at the moment.

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These combined made this fall at an exponential rate. The team does have a working product but a poor product at that. However, the team are very transparent and are working very hard on some promising features.

The best cryptocurrency to invest with small budget May 2017

It's a very interesting concept and if it starts getting implemented by major corporations, you could see this coin's price going 20x or more with a current market cap of under 300 Million.

#3. Nimiq

Nimiq just ended it's crowd funded presale.

What cryptocurrency with small budget

It has a blockchain prototype, powered by in-browser mining which is a great concept. Due to it being sold via ICO, it's difficult to judge this coin. However, there are many potential use cases for this if major corporations were to build their sites on this/ blockchains like this where they could have mining and processing done in the background by individual users. I've heard some great concepts being discussed in relation to this coin and is one to look out for.

Also, some to look out for: Steem (of course), Neo/Antshares/ Antcoin, IOTA, Lisk, Byteball, Vertcoin

These are all coins that you should invest in only if you believe in it's future, most of these are not short-term money making pump & dump coins.

If I were to pick a coin to safely throw money into however I would still choose Bitcoin over them all, most mentioned above are somewhat a gamble but with huge long-term rewards potentially.

What's your thoughts on my opinions?

What cryptocurrency with small budget