Veritaserum Cryptocurrency Where To Buy

This article will Guide you step by step on Buying Veritaseum. Please note in order to buy Veritas you need to have Ether wallet. If dont have one already then please refer

Once you have the wallet , Make sure to transfer some Ether to your account.

Step 1

Check balance in your account

In this case I have some balance Ether .

Then I will use that either to Buy some Veritas

Step 2

You wont be having Veritaseum in your wallet.

So in the next step we will add that script to the wallet
Go to url

Select the Keystore File (UTC / JSON) and choose the wallet.

Provide the password

And Unlock the wallet

You will get your account details.

It will look similar to

Click on Add Customer Token

=>The address (0x8f3470a7388c05ee4e7af3d01d8c722b0ff52374) of VeritaseumToken into the Address box,
=> VERI into the Token Symbol box,
=> 18 into the Decimals box

Finally save it .

After that you will able to get VERI in the wallet

In the next step we will buy VERITAS

Step 3

To purchase Veritas, go to the “Contracts” menu in MyEtherWallet as shown below.

Few things you need to use this case ...

1 ) The address of the TokenPurchase is at: 0x599a4b8188676224d4c9b393b947e332b60b15e3

2 ) TokenPurchase ABI code from the box is


So after entering those details your screen will looks like

So fill the Contract Address with 0x599a4b8188676224d4c9b393b947e332b60b15e3

Copy and paste the TokenPurchase ABI code as given above in " 2 "

Then click on Acess

You will get an additional entry in the same page Read / Write Contract

Choose PurchaseTokons

It will ask How would you like to access your wallet?

Choose Keystore File (UTC / JSON)

Now select your wallet and Give the password

Then Click Write

You will get the page , where you can specify how much Ether you are planning to trade for Vertitas

Enter the ETH amount and then click on "Generate Transaction"

To exchange Ether for VERI tokens you simply have to send the amount of Ether you wish to convert to VERI tokens, to the TokenPurchase smart contract.
The smart contract will automatically allocate your tokens to your Ethereum address.

Increase the Gas Limit to about 80,000 and Click Generate Transaction

Once you purchased it you will get the VERI in your wallet

Hope this help you to buy Veritaseum

For more details please visit

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