Our Mission On Cryptocurrency

Our mission on cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is revolutionary new technology which brings an enormous realm to freedom to money.

Our mission on cryptocurrency

However, even after ten years, cryptocurrency adoption is less than 1% of the world population. We work to bring cryptocurrency to everyone.

To achieve mass adoption, we started by having first created a very strong foundation.

Our mission on cryptocurrency

Energi didn’t have an ICO or pre-mine and was thoughtfully designed to have a strong Treasury and Masternodes incentive system.

Our Treasury is significantly larger than any other major cryptocurrency.

Our mission on cryptocurrency

Energi’s Treasury is decentralized and Masternodes vote where to direct funds. This allows Energi to pay contributors, and as Energi grows, the Treasury budget will grow allowing for more collaboration, leading to more growth, etc, a positive feedback loop

Besides having a strong Treasury, the other critical aspect is ensuring the funds are utilized most efficiently – generating great value in return for the funds spent.

Our mission on cryptocurrency

In Energi, we work to identify and encourage activities which bring us the absolute greatest value back in return for what we spend on those endeavors. Our approach is that every dollar we invest into our ecosystem, should yield much more than a dollar of new value added when spent appropriately in development, marketing, and impactful campaigns which expand our reach.

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