List Of Penny Stock Cryptocurrencies

List of penny stock cryptocurrencies

There are 2 currencies that are like the Penny Stocks of Cryptocurrency, and they were both started as jokes.

The more well known Cryptocurrency Penny Stock is DOGE.

List of penny stock cryptocurrencies

For $0.01 cent, you can get over 40 DOGE. For $0.10 cents, you get over 400. For $20.00 you get over 80,000 and the price stays stable, and could eventually even go up.

List of penny stock cryptocurrencies

Every once in a while it will go up a little or down a little and can be bought and sold for a profit. But the whole coin started as a joke.

It was a Meme, with a Dog, mispelled Doge, and he has captions around his head that say: Such Money, Very Wow, So Coin.

List of penny stock cryptocurrencies

And it really caught on, it was a fairly early coin (came not too long after Bitcoin, but wasn't one of the first), and is like a Cult Classic Coin.

Another Penny Stock coin is Paycon. Paycon was started as a joke also, and the first post introducing it said something along the lines of "No one should use this coin".

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But a bunch of people started using it, and it now has a small following, and the Coin's developer still works on the coin, the wallet was recently updated. And it is a coin that gives you 50% back every year just by keeping it in your wallet.

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You can buy 1 Paycon for $0.0006 USD, so you can get about 16 for $0.01 and Paycon is much less well known than Doge, so it has much more room to grow and gain value. It also inflates much slower than Doge, and has many less coins in circulation than Doge.

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To put that in perspective:

Doge has about 105,819,804,712 DOGE available in circulation, that is over 105 Billion DOGE in circulation, with a Market cap of $23,965,964

Bitcoin has about 15,840,072 BTC in circulation, with a Market cap of $9,158,840,511

Paycon has 23,042,604 CON in Circulation, with a Market cap of $ 7,067 so with $7,000 you could theoretically buy the entire Market and set the price at whatever you wanted.

But if you spent just $1,000 on the market, the Market cap would go way up. So investing in Paycon could pay off massively, and it doesn't cost very much.

Here is the Original Paycon logo

This is the new logo

List of penny stock cryptocurrencies