How Big Will Cryptocurrency Market Be

How big will cryptocurrency market be


The crypto market has been booming.
But how big is it when we compare it to the stock market?

How big will cryptocurrency market be

The Market in Perspective

The current amount of money that is in the crypto market is $143 billion.
Let's compare that with some well-known companies and billionaires.

Here are some charts from

  • This chart is from June when the crypto market was around $100 billion. This shows how fast the crypto market is growing.
  • Amazon is almost 3 times bigger than the crypto market , and Apple 5 times!
  • Billgate's fortune hasn't changed according to Forbes' Billionares list.

    The crypto market has surpassed Bill's net worth two and a half months ago.

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    It is amazing if you think about it, the world's richest man could buy more than half of the crypto market if he wants to.

Up-to-date comparison

  • The chart says it all: "Facebook's market cap is 3.5x bigger than all cryptocurrencies combined".
  • Bitcoin and Ethereum together are larger than Paypal!

    Paypal is one of the dominant digital payment methods, it is a good sign that cryptocurrencies are at the same volume.

The crypto market need more footing to be able to rival big companies like Apple, Amazon and Facebook.

Any of those companies could buy the whole crypto market multiple times.

Facebook reverses ban on cryptocurrency

Which kind of disappointed me when I learned about this.

Now In Comparison To The Stock market

If the crypto market is a small fry compared to tree respectable companies, how would it compare to all the companies in the world?

  • The total value of all the stock markets in the world is $70 trillion!
  • One square in this chart respresens $100 billion.

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    Apple (which is highlighted in the red circle) would fit 96 times in the whole stock market, and the crypto market would fit 490 times, which is merely 0.2% of the total stock market!

Lots and LOTS of room to grow

If blockchain (the technology behind crypto) will be as big as people claim it to be, we could see a next wave of a big price increase, which will be like a tsunami compared to the one we have now.

Lets do some calculations with the top 5 coins:

  1. Bitcoin |$4300
  2. Ethereum |$300
  3. Ripple |$0.2
  4. Bitcoin Cash |$420
  5. Lite coin |$55

If we assume that the crypto market will get a 5% market share of the stock market, which I think is a conservative assumption, and the top 5 crypto coins keep their current shares in the crypto market and have the same supply.

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Then their price would be:

  1. Bitcoin $107.500
  2. Ethereum $7500
  3. Ripple $5
  4. Bitcoin Cash $10.500
  5. Litecoin $1375

Amazing huh! Especially, the price of Bitcoin surprised me.

How big will cryptocurrency market be

If this scenario would become true, owning 10 bitcoins would make you a millionaire! However, the price of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies could be higher, if cryptocurrencies would be used a an actual currency such as the US dollars, Yen and Euro. At the moment the prices are too volatile to be used as a national currencies, but who knows what could happen if we reach stable levels.

My thoughts about the Future

The crypto market is still young and now we have hundreds of new coins.

How big will cryptocurrency market be

Some of them are aiming to be a currency (Bitcoin and Litecoin) while others have more use cases (Ethereum). I believe there will be multiple dominant cryptocurrencies AND crypto tokens (this distinction is important).

How big will cryptocurrency market be

However, I think especially for the crypto tokens, that we will have a few dominating ones. Like what we have seen with the internet, the big tech giants Google and Amazon.

Cryptos are going to lift off, baby!!

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How big will cryptocurrency market be

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