Home Private Cryptocurrency Network

Home private cryptocurrency network

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Network Metrics

Total Supply: 9,223,300 BLUR until fixed emission.

Current Block Emission:Real-Time Supply API endpoint on the BLUR Blockchain Explorer

Fixed Tail Emission: 2.0 BLUR per block mined.

Home private cryptocurrency network

Decimal Places : 12 (Twelve).

Pre-mine: 360,000 BLUR hardcoded into first mined block’s emission (~4% of Total Supply).

Block Emission Profile: See the spreadsheet located here for a lifetime emission profile.


Mining Algorithm: Cryptonight-Dynamic

Block Target Time: 1 Minute

 P2P Port: 52541

RPC Port: 52542

Seed Nodes

Node 1:

Node 2:

Node 3:

API for Blur Network Explorer can be Found at the Block Explorer Webpage http://explorer.blur.cash/api/transactions returns a list of the past 25 transactions on the network.

See the the documentation for more info/API calls.

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