Hajime No Ippo Does Kamogawa Teach Others

Hajime no ippo does kamogawa teach others

"What does it mean to be strong?" a suitable quote that tends to pop up during the right times to spark some surrounding development around a boy that's had his life changed after encountering the sport of boxing.

This is an anime that I reviewed back in 2014 and decided to re...

re-review? For better sakes I want to give the series a second look as time went on after my first review. I had forgotten how I came across this anime, but I imagine that boxing caught my attention and gave it a shot. To this day I still tend to sink in time on Youtube to re-watch some of the best scenes.

Hajime no Ippo Rising - The birth of the Iron Fist

It's been months the last time I reviewed anything, so I'm going to be pretty rusty unless I decide to do this more often as before.




:small_orange_diamond: Hajime no Ippo :small_blue_diamond:

》We are introduced to a boy by the name of Ippo Makunochi, a high school student that struggles to balance studies and helping his mother with the local family business.

A hard working young man who faces the ridicule of bullying and insults by fellow classmates until the thrashing session is interrupted one day by a stranger. Takamura Mamura brings Ippo to a nearby gym to wake up to the sounds of gloves and sandbags clashing.

He is introduced to boxing by watching others and thoroughly decides to join, by then, he is asked if he knows what strength means to a boxer.

》What does it mean to be stronger? Ippo decides to seek that answer as his love for the sport grew and mustered his being to become a licensed boxer.

Soon to face challenges that await him at every turn, whether challenger or boxing buddy antics. This is far as the plot gets in terms of a broad view, but we as the viewer begins to get a tunnel vision sight of what the boxing world is capable of and the expectations it brings if you want to lash out to be at the top.

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The boy is thrown in many types of situations from the start of training, to preparing for matches and strategizing for the win against the opponent.

》A final thing to note regarding the plot towards this anime is that experience and viewpoints are juggled around from time to time, in other words, Ippo and his experiences are not the only ones we see and it breaths fresh air into the various way in how boxing influences and changes people.

From the humble beginnings to what each boxer sets as a goal for the sport.

:small_blue_diamond: First Impression :small_orange_diamond:

》I must have been pretty mellow in my first review as I wrote off the plot as average, it certainly does sound average at the starting point. A young lad struggling in some way finds rejoice in something that changes him. Sounds like a common plot for a male protagonist.


However, the plot becomes more interesting in the many lessons that Ippo and others learn. I personally believe that for a sports anime to be the most entertaining means that the mangaka should be well-knowledged in the first place. I don't know how much truth this belief of mines hold, but I type with confidence that the mangaka knows his shit. You get doses of tactical and simple structures when indulging in the activity of boxing from watching the anime.

Nekota Ginpachi

(And continues to the manga afterwards.)

》It took some time for me to settle in when the matches were taking place as it has a pacing that's respectable, however, the comedy is one key charm that kept me watching the series. It pretty much struck me by the end of the 76 episode anime that...

this anime is pretty damn good, especially for the time it came out.

:small_orange_diamond: What goes over our Heads :small_blue_diamond:

》This section won't dwell with much, but dives into how the lore of the plot can stretch some points that first timers or even fans would overlook unless you take a good look.

Hajime no ippo does kamogawa teach others

The main character compliments the series in general because his nature and personality is often taken as an underdog and hides potential for the sake of modesty and humble responses. I mentioned before that Ippo helps his mother with the family business. This family business happens to relate to fishing and consists of several tasks from preparing the boat with equipment and fishing essentials and take the customers to fish in spots for them to catch, all of this is to be done for most days of the week and very early in the morning before school starts.

Hajime no ippo does kamogawa teach others

Personally, this demonstrates the best in personality that Ippo has been set up with as well as organization, but most importantly, it becomes the biggest reason why Ippo becomes such a threat to most that he boxes against.

》For more context, Ippo leaves a big impression in everyone he meets because he holds potential in what he has to face and overcome.

He is coached by the head honcho owner of the gym, Coach Kamogawa. Combine with the fact that the local family business requires alot of lifting, moving and hard work to get through and you have Ippo Makunochi already with a physically great head start to jump into the world of boxing. This moment of realization is noted when one of the bullies has matured and applied to work at the fishing business, he gathers the understanding and reasons why Ippo excels in the sport.

Now this isn't to say that Ippo is a walking killing machine that beats his opponents no problem, this anime has a balance of showing the fortitude path taken in order to claim victory. In English, the guy gets his face beaten in during most matches.

:small_blue_diamond: Pacing/Development over time :small_orange_diamond:

》The development for this series has a nice pace that does not rush nor lag behind in the process of the characters growing over time.

I say characters because we don't just watch Ippo, we also get segments of Takamura, Aoki, Kimura, side characters, returning characters and even the coach himself.

Next, the pacing is always a set pattern: 1) The characters are taking it easy as some comedic humor is tossed around. 2) the challenger and their boxing style is introduced, 3) Training commences to cover a weakness of his own or overcome the enemy's style. 4) the match begins as the humor disappear and the serious tone begins. 5) the match finishes and the result affects the characters around for future reference. At this point the pattern resets back to No.

Yamada Naomichi


》This pacing is steady and never the humor/serious tones ever clash in a bad way. Some matches tend to have a small bit of jokes and horse playing to comfort the viewer on how serious the match is. The absolute serious matches are when shit gets real, because landed punches sound like dynamite and missed ones sound like jet engines. The training is then demonstrate through the beginnings, but more than often curve balls are thrown, just the unexpected events of boxing and even life itself.

You can tell which fights are serious with the amount of buildup, the earlier the comedy goes MIA and more conflict arises, it sets up a nice, however, breath taking atmosphere. This development has grown on me by the time I finished the anime and didn't have any negative things to mention, it's striking blend of how a sport's anime should take itself.

》And this doesn't focus on the boxers.

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The anime highlights around the people that Ippo surrounds himself with. With his mother seeing the changes and his former bully helping with the business. To the same school and town that's begun to cheer for him as a sports idol.

Yamada Naomichi

Even influencing some newbies to be under the kouhai radar for Ippo to teach them. Lastly, we can't forget about how the boy's physique has improved and slowly some females begins to gather feelings for him.

Hajime no ippo does kamogawa teach others

The line between Ippo, the man and Ippo, the boxer begins to fade.

:small_orange_diamond: Visual/Audio Presentation ] :small_blue_diamond:

     (Fight scenes linked for research)

》I decided to combine the judgement of animation and soundtrack into one as it's often the least amount of reading that I contribute.

Nonetheless, Hajime no Ippo was produced by Madhouse, which if you're familiar with their works. (Death Note, Hunter x Hunter {2011} and One Punch man) then you can expect some quality animation in the design of the art and smoothness of the frames, especially in the tense boxing matches. The manga has been out since the late 1989s and the anime never television networks until the early beginnings of 2000s.

The original anime has moderate style that definitely blends in with the anime around that era.

》Madhouse was the only studio that sought to adapt the manga into anime. The latest anime season being Hajime no Ippo: Rising!

Hajime No Ippo Quiz

(2013) and you can tell the significant difference in how the series and anime in general has improved in terms of cleanliness and presentation. Next, the soundtrack for the first few seasons was composed by Tsuneo Imahori, the same person that did Trigun and Cowboy Bepop for it's soundtrack direction.

Now I bring this up because the music that you hear throughout the show is just complimenting from start to finish. The opening and closing themes are very catchy and the songs for matches and even the comedic moments shine the best when in conjunction.

》Perhaps my favorite piece of music from this show would have to be "Stand Proud" which if you listen to.

Strikingly takes inspiration from the movies series, Rocky Balboa.

Nekota Ginpachi

The trumpets are the best instrument that highlights the tone of dedication and a path to see through your obstacle. This theme tends to play once the character has a victory against their opponent and strictly for that moment.

Hajime no ippo does kamogawa teach others

It's a joy to listen to after few episodes of long building up and satisfying climax that leads to the result.

:small_blue_diamond: Who's it's audience ] :small_orange_diamond:

    (Funny moments linked)

》Sports watchers, male watchers, any type of watcher!

It's often tough to generalize who the audience would be for the review, because we live in an era where anyone can watch anything. But we can assume that this show is senien without it having the genre itself. It stems to sports, comedy and action, so if you like any or all of these genres, then this would be right up your alley.

To the point, the projected demographic would be the same for other sport anime at the time, for the larger gender audience with the protagonist reflecting the age and adolescent period.

》The anime knows it's audience well and makes sure that it never confuses new watchers as well as those that have zero clue in the sport of boxing.

The series introduces things in a nice pace that should let any viewer enjoy it for what it is. There's not an exact moment of boredom within my expectations and result of the show. It strikes a nice weight against the comedy and humour with the best side characters, in my opinion. When you're not watching Ippo or his pals in a match, we will see them training at the gym or enjoying the outside as there's always a laugh to be had.

》A bit of warning to those that may plan to watch the anime.

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Keep in mind the difference of cultures and viewpoints between the West and Japan because to put it in light terms, there's few moments of locker room toilet humor.

Never anything gross, just an eye roller or chuckle. Besides this, I highly recommend this series if you're looking for something new in action, comedy and/or sports genre. It's personally an achievement for an anime that's made me want to re-watch the fights and funny moments over the time I've been a fan.

:small_orange_diamond: This was my review for Hajime no Ippo.

I'm out now! :small_blue_diamond: