Google Sheets Cryptocurrency Portfolio

Google sheets cryptocurrency portfolio


I’m sharing my cryptocurrency portfolio template for Google Spreadsheet.

There are many crypto exchanges and many ways to store your coins.

Google sheets cryptocurrency portfolio

I’m relatively new to cryptocurrency but it was not easy to manage where all my coins are stored. I also wanted to track how my coins are doing.

I’ve used JavaScript to get coin information from

You can register a timer to run the script to get prices periodically/automatically.

Just enter your COIN ID, and number of coins where they are stored. The script will automatically fetch coin prices and additional information such as symbol, price changes and rank.

The prices of each coins are calculated as BTC, USD and EUR.

Google sheets cryptocurrency portfolio

You can change secondary currency(EUR) to other currency.

The graph displays percent of each coins you are holding.

Also ratio between local wallets and exchanges are calculated and displayed. Make sure you HODL your coins in your local wallet.

Here is the link to the template:

There is more detailed description included in the file.

Please comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

Google sheets cryptocurrency portfolio