Exodus Cryptocurrency Wallet Review

Exodus cryptocurrency wallet review

Exodus cryptocurrency wallet review

Lets get straight to the point: I absolutely love this multi-cryptocurrency wallet! You can hold Bitcoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Litecoin all in one place. All of your coins are secure due to the fact that nothing is stored on a server, the application keeps hold of your private keys, making you the one in control of your funds.

Exodus cryptocurrency wallet review

I have been using this wallet for 3 days now and transferred all of my funds to it. The User Interface is easy to use, which makes it great for new cryptopians (another @craig-grant reference!).

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When you first load up the wallet, you are going to the the asset portfolio page. This page displays all of your holdings and puts them into a nice pie-chart you could say.

As you can see from above, I have no holdings apart from Dash. I recently splashed the Bitcoin on a Genesis Mining Contract for Dash, which will last 2 years!

Beautiful Desktop Wallet

(Promo code - hvjFGg for those who want it). The main point being though is that this wallet is just simply beautiful!

As we move on to the next tab being the wallet, you will be able to see all of the 5 coins you might have holdings in. Lets take my Bitcoin wallet for example.

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You can see that there are many transactions which are neatly displayed along with the date and the process you did, either receive, send or exchange. And at the very top, you see my overall holdings and what it is worth in USD. This is the exact same layout for each of the different coins.

Moving on to the next tab, we have the ability to exchange our coins in the wallet, thanks to the use of ShapeShift.

2019 NEW Exodus Wallet Installation, Receive Crypto, Exchange Crypto and My Review

This makes it super easy for new cryptopians who want to trade some Bitcoin for Dash or vice versa. I have the ability to exchange for all the coins in this wallet and I can choose my amount in BTC or USD.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

The fees overall for this wallet are higher than normal, but you will send and receive coins at a much quicker rate, so personally I think it is very worth it!

In the final tab, which is settings, we are able to change what assets are on show and the wide range of themes which are available.

Feel free to go through and experiment with them.

Best way to track and manage cryptocurrency holdings

Find out which one suits you best!

Overall, this wallet is great for newcomers as it is very simple and you can manage multiple cryptocurrencies in one place.

The wallet was developed by 2 people, who are very helpful if you ever need to contact them for support. You can either call them or send them an E-Mail.

Exodus Wallet Review

Chances are that you will end up speaking to either one of the two, which is great! I just feel that this wallet should be for everyone. Easy management is key in today's world of cryptocurrency, as there are just so many. The developers are constantly updating the wallet and adding new features to make it a more user friendly experience.

Exodus cryptocurrency wallet review

Expect a wallet update nearly every 2 weeks! Definitely go and check this wallet out, you definitely won't want to go back to your old one any time soon.

Visit their website: https://www.exodus.io/

Thank you for taking the time to read this post about an amazing wallet. I am not endorsed by Exodus in any way, so what I have written is 100% completely my thoughts.

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