Eth Classic Vision Cryptocurrency How To Collect

Eth classic vision cryptocurrency how to collect

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The entire electronic money market is currently decreasing quite a lot in 2018. Slow processing time, mining rewards are decreasing.

Eth classic vision cryptocurrency how to collect

These issues are disappointing investors. Investors' expectations are to search for a cross-border, instant and free market.

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a market where individuals can trade without the intervention of banks and other authorities.
Ethereum Classic Vision is a new electronic currency, a hard fork of Ethereum. Ethereum Classic Vision was born to save a stagnant market.

Eth classic vision cryptocurrency how to collect

The project will incorporate technologies such as shending and P2P, plus dApp development tools. Storage using IPFS. Start is a system based on Pow.

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It will provide stable rewards for transaction authentication thanks to the PoS implementation.
With the combination of many new technologies and the tight development roadmap Ethereum Classic Vision will be an outstanding project in 2019.

  • 3rd quarter of 2018. forming teams and registering advisers. January 11, 2019 Snapshot of the ETH network and distribution of Ethereum Classic Vision Coins .
  • the first quarter of 2019 introduced dApps platform.

    Eth classic vision cryptocurrency how to collect

    listing Ethereum Classic. check P2P exchange module.

    🔴🔴🔴Ethereum Classic Vision - Fork 3:1 of Ethereum 🔴🔴🔴

    security audit. expand the large-scale marketing and marketing teams.

  • Second quarter of 2019 Implementing the decentralized P2P exchange module. work on shending protocol.

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    developing decentralized storage system based on IPFS. test PoS consensus protocol.

    Eth classic vision cryptocurrency how to collect

    Roadshows include large encrypted events and hackathons in Europe and Asia.

  • 3rd quarter of 2019 Switch to PoS consensus protocol. Integrating dApp platform with visionDEX.

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    Perform protection. Test file storage module and related reward system. Attracting advisers from the field of non-code movement.

  • Quarter 4 2019 Integrating IPFS with rewards for storage space providers, launching a marketing campaign for storage systems. Establish partnerships with blockchain platforms in North America and East Asia. expand the number of digital exchanges where Ethereum Classic Vision is listed.
  • Q1 Beta testing of additional features for VisionDEX (margin lending, limit orders, etc.)
  • Q2 2020 Integration of new exchange features: stop-loss, limit orders, margin trading;
    implementation of a Sidechain Development Kit for the dApp platform
  • Q3 2020 Implementation of cryptocurrency derivatives trading; introduction of a
    migration tool for dApps developed outside of EVM (NEO, EOS, Lisk, Stratis)
  • Q4 2020 Integration of a zero-code, drag-and-drop dApp development module.
    To own Ethereum Classic Vision, buy ETH right away and store it in your own wallet.

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    If you keep 1 ETH then you will get 3 ETCV.
    Ethereum Classic Vision is a hard branch of Ethereum. I was told that this project would be successful in 2019.

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Eth classic vision cryptocurrency how to collect