Did Salt Cryptocurrency Fail

Did salt cryptocurrency fail

Did salt cryptocurrency fail

Usually I don't post about icos (here's why), but this one seems so good and there's not much information on the net.

What's that

SALT is to obtain blockchain-backed loans, which use cryptocurrency holdings as collateral:


It has already a working demo product:

The ICO is organized on the SALT platform, which is a good start.

The official launch of the lending platform is planned for the end of 2017.

Why SALT token is needed

Users need to obtain SALT tokens in order to participate on the platform and obtain loans.

💸What is SALT? Cryptocurrency Lending Service

The more SALT tokens users spend each year, the larger amount of borrowings they can obtain:

Key advantages

  • Borrowing money or assets using cryptocurrency is getting more popular (see lending cryptos on Ploniex and Bitfinex). Since cryptos are increasing in price, lots of users would want to get fiat without spending their crypto.
  • Using the blockchain for lending money doesn't have much competition yet.
  • Salt has strong well known team.

    Did salt cryptocurrency fail

    Erik Voorhees, CEO & Founder of ShapeShift, is Board Director.

  • It has strategic partners as ShapeShift, Exodus, Jaxx and Taas. It has already investments from venture capital firms.
  • The price of SALT will be not less that $10 after the initial sale.

How to participate in ICO

ICO starts on Tuesday, August 15th at 8:00 AM MST (in about 3 hours) and until the following tiers are sold out:

  • 2.0 million SALT @ $3
  • 1.5 million SALT @ $5
  • 1.0 million SALT @ $7.50.

You have to be registered on saltlending platform in ordered to participate (devs opted to do a private sale not a public sale, only those referred by someone have access to presale).

If you want to invest more than $2000, there's also an automated ID verification.

Happy investing!

Did salt cryptocurrency fail

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