Cardano Cryptocurrency Whitepaper Pdf

Cardano cryptocurrency whitepaper pdf

Cardano cryptocurrency whitepaper pdf

“We present “Ouroboros”, the first blockchain protocol based on proof of stake with rig- orous security guarantees. We establish security properties for the protocol comparable to those achieved by the bitcoin blockchain protocol.

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As the protocol provides a “proof of stake” blockchain discipline, it offers qualitative efficiency advantages over blockchains based on proof of physical resources (e.g., proof of work).

We also present a novel reward mechanism for in- centivizing Proof of Stake protocols and we prove that, given this mechanism, honest behavior is an approximate Nash equilibrium, thus neutralizing attacks such as selfish mining.

Cardano cryptocurrency whitepaper pdf

We also present initial evidence of the practicality of our protocol in real world settings by providing experimental results on transaction confirmation and processing.”