Bill Gates Investments Cryptocurrency

Bill gates investments cryptocurrency

Bill Gates recently invested $1.2 billion for a majority share in an automated trading software called Bitcoin Wealth.

The founder of Microsoft expects to double his investment in 6 months.

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This is thanks to the Bitcoin boom and Microsoft's huge database of machine learning.
Mr. Gates believes in financial freedom for all. Although his ideas seem crazy to many, Bill is proving them wrong year after year.

Bill gates investments cryptocurrency

He has been using his wealth to make the world a healthier and happier place. Bitcoin Wealth is his latest project.

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'I want people to reach financial independence. They shouldn't be slaves of economic booms and depressions', Gates announced in a TEDx talk. That's why he acquired Bitcoin Wealth.

What exactly is Bitcoin Wealth?

Bill gates investments cryptocurrency

It's a financial technology with a plan to redistribute the world's wealth. It takes from the top 0.1% and gives back to 99.9%.

Bill Gates believes wealth is not spread out enough for a good future.

Yes, there always will be a rich class but the current situation is not acceptable. It can lead to great social issues in the future.

Bill Gates: "Nobody Can Stop Bitcoin!"

Today, the top 0.1% controls almost 90% of world wealth. Gates believes he can cut that down to 20%.

So how does this affect regular working people like us? This means you will become 2 - 3 times wealthier, and no one except the super-wealthy will take a hit.

Bill gates investments cryptocurrency

Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

How will it work? Simple!

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The top 0.1% all keep their wealth invested in assets, and Wall Street brokers trade these assets for them. The idea is to beat the Wall Street traders at their own game. Bitcoin Wealth wins so many trades that Wall Street will lose a lot of money over time.

To do this you would need a better asset predictions than the Wall Street has. That is where Bitcoin comes in.

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With the help of a huge machine learning cloud, it's actually already happening! This is why Gates jumped on this technology as soon as he heard about it. It's revolutionary.