Arbitrao Cryptocurrency Automatic Arbitrage

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Arbitrage Coins, found online at, promises to provide the most advanced cryptocurrency arbitrage robot. Find out if it’s legit today in our review.

What Is Arbitrage Coins?

“Arbitrage” refers to the process of buying coins at a low price on one exchange, then selling them for a higher price at another exchange.

Arbitrage Coins is a platform that promises to provide 1,000 arbitrage opportunities per month.

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Those opportunities are completed via a trading robot. The developers describe their trading system as “the most advanced cryptocurrency arbitrage robot” on the internet today, and claim that the robot “makes money in your sleep”.

The developers – who also refuse to disclose their name or location – claim there’s “no risk” involved in their process, and they guarantee that all traders will make “good profits” every month.

Obviously, the cryptocurrency world is filled with sleazy companies that promise big profits and easy money from automated trading software.

Is Arbitrage Coins a legitimate investment opportunity? Or is this yet another trading platform that won’t live up to its promises?

How Does Arbitrage Coins Work?

Arbitrage Coins consists of a cryptocurrency exchange bot. That bot is dedicated to finding gaps in cryptocurrency prices between exchanges.

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The bot, on average, finds 1,000 arbitrage opportunities every month. After identifying an opportunity, the bot will complete that trade automatically.

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The bot promises to make consistent profits, and all profits are delivered to your account with every trade.

The platform claims to offer 23 coin pairs. Today, they have over 650 traders using the platform, with 12,000+ trades performed to date.

Arbitrage in the Cryptocurrency Market

They don’t explain the average profit or losses experienced by these traders. However, the Arbitrage Coins website seems to claim that you can expect a consistent daily profit.

If the trading robot is making 1,000+ trades every month, that means your account is processing about 30 trades per day.

The platform also describes its platform as a “risk free trade” system. When someone claims their platform offers a “risk free” investment, it means you’re not going to lose money – so Arbitrage Coins appears to guarantee profitability.

The website also explains that, “We have sent out an average of over 1,000 arbitrages per month to our traders who have made good profit without a risk!”

So yes, Arbitrage Coins all but guarantees that you can expect big profits through the platform.

Some of the exchanges supported by the platform include major names like Gemini, Bitfinex, Bittrex,, Yobit, C-CEX, GDAX, Bitmex, Quoinex, and others.

How To Use Arbitrage Coins

Arbitrage Coins is free to signup.

Arbitrao cryptocurrency automatic arbitrage

You sign up, deposit money, then get started:

Step 1) Sign up and verify your email address

Step 2) Login with your username and password

Step 3) Go to the deposit page and deposit funds into one of Arbitrage Coins 12 different cryptocurrency wallets

Step 4) Begin making “good profits” with “no risk” whatsoever

Who’s Behind Arbitrage Coins?

The domain was registered in June 2017. Aside from that information, we have no information about who’s running the company, what their background is, or why they’re qualified to handle your investment.

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The company doesn’t provide any contact information (aside from an email form), any location info, or other things you need to know.

The “About Us” page vaguely describes the company as a “team of experience [sic] IT developers” who are “skilled in over 15 programming languages.”

The website never lists a single name involved with the project – so it’s hard to verify any of the claims made by Arbitrage Coins.

Based on the grammar and language used on the official website, it appears that the platform is run by an India-based team.

Arbitrage Coins Conclusion

Arbitrage sounds like a great concept: you’re buying coins at a low price from one exchange, then selling them at a higher price on another exchange.

Unfortunately, arbitrage opportunities are difficult to find – especially in today’s cryptocurrency markets, where liquidity is growing every day, and gaps between exchanges will rapidly close.

Arbitrage Coins claims to beat this system to generate consistently profitable trades. The company advertises its platform as a “no risk” investment opportunity that will consistently generate profitable trades on your behalf.

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You just give the platform a bunch of money, and it will automatically generate enormous returns. Arbitrage Coins claims you’ll never lose money – after all, it’s risk free.

Ultimately, when something is too good to be true on the internet, it’s generally a scam.

Bitcoin arbitrage opportunities have mostly disappeared. Unless you’re trading over $100,000 worth of cryptocurrencies, you’re unlikely going to make significant returns by trading between exchanges.

Arbitrage Coins also provides zero transparency regarding its background, team, location, or history.

Until Arbitrage Coins releases more information about itself online, it doesn’t appear to be a legitimate “no risk” investment opportunity.