10 Cryptocurrency Income Special Situations

10 cryptocurrency income special situations

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2019 Crypto Outlook Report Review

2019 Crypto Outlook is a cryptocurrency-focused financial research report, issued in quarterly installments, that purportedly provides investors with information and educational insights into investing successfully into the cryptocurrency markets.

About Palm Beach Research Group

Instant Cash Payout Report is an investment product provided by the Palm Beach Research Group, a financial publisher headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida.

The brainchild of the product is self-appointed cryptocurrency expert Teeka Tiwari, one Palm Beach Research’s editors.

Prior to his position at Palm Beach Research, Tiwari has had a long career as an investment manager for several high-profile investment firms. He has also appeared on broadcast and cable news television outlets a number of times as a financial analyst.

Palm Beach Research Group’s reputation as a financial publisher is, unfortunately, not as impressive as Tiwari’s past career highlights.

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Regardless of whether the knowledge and education the company offers, there have been a number of complaints lodged against Palm Beach Research Group for misleading business practices.

The vast majority of these complaints concern the amount the company charges for its many different newsletters, how difficult it can be to unsubscribe from them, and how customers are repeatedly plagued with “additional offer” upsells.

The general consensus from disgruntled customers is that the quality of the investment tips Palm Beach Research Group provides is not equal to the price the company charges for access to that information.

About Teeka Tiwari's 2019 Crypto Outlook

The 2019 Crypto Outlook Crypto Income Quarterly product includes a number of different financial reports.

10 cryptocurrency income special situations

The core product includes a crypto-specific research report into crypto-specific investment opportunities, updated four times a year. Additional content includes:

  • 10 Cryptocurrency Income Special Situations That Could Hand You $81,624 Per Year: a standalone research report, written by Tiwari, that claims to do what it says on the tin
  • Free Access to Wilson’s Crypto Insights: a monthly newsletter from another Palm Beach Research Group editor that provides additional crypto investment news and ideas
  • Email Updates: an unspecified number of “periodic” updates to keep investors aware of new developments, ostensibly between quarterly reports
  • How to Invest in Cryptocurrencies for Lifetime Income: Yet another free report that is designed to be a “quick start guide” for investing in cryptocurrencies
  • Access to a “Crypto Video Guide” series: As a special “unannounced” bonus, subscribers also receive access to a series of “Crypto Video Guides” created by Hector Pena, a cryptocurrency instructor.

The price of this membership is a hefty $250 a quarter, with a total term of two years.

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This makes the total cost to subscribers $2000. However, Palm Beach Group offers investors  the ability to “pause” their membership at any time additionally, an unspecified “free offer” (read: upsell) will be offered to all subscribers to provide them an opportunity to waive the rest of their quarterly fees.

Finally, Tiwari claims that he is so confident in his crypto investment picks that Palm Beach Research Group will offer subscribers a second year of Instant Cash Payout for free if none of Tiwari’s recommendations exhibit more than 80% growth.

The Instant Cash Payout Opportunity

The opportunity presented by Instant Cash Payout Manifesto is to be provided information on cryptocurrency investments that have the potential to provide a high ROI.

Tiwari’s flagship claim is that his investment advice has the potential to provide more than $448,000 a year in investment income, directly from cryptocurrency, provided you follow Tiwari’s instructions to the letter.

Final Verdict on Teeka Tiwari's 2019 Crypto Outlook

There are always opportunities to be had in cryptocurrency investment.

10 cryptocurrency income special situations

By the same token, the cryptosphere is so volatile and unpredictable that fortunes have been made and lost in the same day, making it an extremely unstable platform for long-term investment growth and putting it on the same investment tier as day-trading.

There’s no doubt that Tiwari’s analysis of the crypto market may lead to portfolio growth.

However, the price being charged for access to Instant Cash Payout is rather steep.

10 cryptocurrency income special situations

The fact that the source is Palm Beach Group makes things worse, as this publisher has a very bad reputation for overcharging subscribers and then not delivering much in the way of good financial advice. For this reason, we make it a point to not recommend any products coming from Palm Beach Group due to their very spotty track record.

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