Which Is The Best Oath Options For British Citizenship

Which is the best oath options for british citizenship

Which is the best oath options for british citizenship

You need to attend a citizenship ceremony if you’re 18 or over and have successfully applied to become a British citizen.

You must book the ceremony within 3 months of being sent an invitation from the Home Office.

If you become a British citizen under the Windrush scheme you can choose if you want to attend a citizenship ceremony.

You won’t have to pay the fee.

Booking your ceremony

Your local council will organise your citizenship ceremonies.

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They are usually done in groups but you can ask for a private ceremony if you prefer.

Book your citizenship ceremony with your council.

You must take your invitation when you go to your ceremony.

You’re usually allowed to take 2 guests.

How much it costs

It costs £80 to attend a group ceremony.

Private ceremonies cost more - check how much with your local council.

If you’re not living in the UK

You can ask the embassy or consulate in the country where you’re living if you can have the ceremony there.

If you’re only abroad for a short time, you might be asked to postpone the ceremony until you return to the UK.

You must still book your ceremony within 3 months of getting an invitation.

You might have to prove you’re planning to live in the UK permanently if you’re going to be abroad for more than a few months.

During the ceremony

You’ll have to make an oath of allegiance (or an affirmation if you prefer not to swear by God) and a pledge.

British Citizenship Ceremony

This means you promise to respect the rights, freedoms and laws of the UK.

At the end of the ceremony you’ll be presented with your certificate of British citizenship and a welcome pack.

Some local councils sell photographs or videos of the event.

When you don’t need to attend a ceremony

You won’t need to attend a citizenship ceremony if you’re registering to become a:

You’ll still need to make an oath or affirmation of allegiance - you’ll be sent details of how to do this.