Warfare Mod Best Options

Warfare mod best options

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Xcom 2 is a top-rated turn-based tactics video game. Firaxis Games developed this game and introduced by 2K Games. This game is compatible with the platforms like PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, and Xbox One. You can take help of some best Xcom 2 mods for making your gameplay better.

In this extraordinary game, you are playing as a commander, and you have to train the military forces for battle and send them to the battlefield.

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You have to instruct and organize your armed forces for the war.

The game is entertaining because you are playing on the big maps that contain equal dimension war fields. Grab victory by beating aliens who are controlling our world.

Here in this article, we are focusing on the must-have Xcom 2 mods that help you to make your gameplay better and to increase the fun factor of the game.

List of 31 Best Xcom 2 Mods For 2019


Free Camera Rotation

If you have decided to work with WotC, then free camera rotation is one of the best Xcom 2 Mods. You can set the rotation angle to 24 degrees by default.

You can enjoy free camera rotation by just holding Q and E keys. You can zoom the camera by using these Xcom 2 mods.

You can even control free camera mode by using mouse movements.

In the games like Xcom 2, it is essential to take a view of surroundings, and the free camera rotation mod will help you in doing excellent planning.

Get Free Camera Rotation

2. Cheat Mod

Cheat Mod has all the features that are required to play in Vanilla Xcom 2.

This Xcom2 Mod helps you to increase the resources at the beginning, and the soldiers of Xcom will have 100% hit rate.

You can even increase your income, fast research and also build the room quickly.

All Attachments List

You can increase your stock of medical kits and grenades by 10X for every battle. This Mod also helps you to maximize the radius and even destroy the infrastructure.

The cheat mode will give you much more than you ever thing.

Just download this and make your gameplay better.

Get Cheat Mod


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More Maps

If you are looking for the best mods for Xcom 2 for adding fresh and improved level Parcels, then More maps will be the best choice for you.

This Xcom2 Mod helps you to add greater diversification to the in level layouts on the map pool.

By using more maps Mod, you can generate strategic maps from many tiny pieces or parcels, you can create a significant level by combining them. Parcels are nothing but the maps that have included in this Mod.

This Mod will not give you full modified maps but helps you to add small variation with unique contents sprinkled into the levels you are playing.

Get More Maps


Warfare mod best options

Muton Centurion

If you are looking for the mods that will add new opponents in the Xcom 2 game, then Muton Centurion is must have Xcom 2 mods.

This Xcom Mod includes advent drone, a tiny, nimble crowd-control robot that helps you to shoot all the hidden enemies.

This Mod is launched by Alpha115 itself that introduces the latest mutton to the aliens.

This muton is bigger, powerful and bloodthirsty than the aliens that are currently present in this game.

If you want to play the game with more challenging levels, then you must use this Xcom mod for making your gameplay better.

Get Muton Centurion

5. New Countries

If you are looking for the Xcom 2 best Mods that can add the latest countries to your gameplay, then New Countries will be the best one for it.

The Xcom 2 game already included many countries presently but if you want to add extra spice in your game by adding countries then try this Mode once.

The latest nations that are added in this Mode are Slovakia, Czech Republic, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Hungary.

This Mod not only adds the nations but also make your gameplay more funny and diverse.

Get New Countries

6. Stop Wasting My Time

If you want to move on quickly in your game, then stop wasting my time is one of the best mods for Xcom 2. This Mod helps you to fast up your game by deleting unnecessary pauses such as after hunting, abilities, after getting killed or going into the air, and much more.

Stop wasting time Mod also removes some unavoidable warning and voiceovers for increasing the speed of the avenger on the map.

All the changes done by using this Mod will be purely cosmetic.

Get Stop Wasting My Time

7. ACORG-47

ACORG-47 helps you to add the dog shaped gun in avenger’s inventory. You have to begin with a new campaign for this extra addition. You can also use this Mod to replace all your guns in this game with corgis.

If you want to add fun in your gameplay, then this Mod will create funny moments in the game that makes your gameplay even more bright and better.

Get Acorg-47


Show Me The Skills

You can use this Mod to display the soldier’s perks in the team selection menu. This Mod also helps to show the statistics of the soldiers on the same screen without jumbling of the user interface badly.

You can personalize almost everything by using show me the skills Xcom 2 mod.

The personalization options include the on or off options for displaying the stats on the side or below the unit, perks, Statistics, and colored statistics.

Get Show Me The Skills

9. Evac All

You can add the ability of evac all to the soldier’s bar when the soldiers are in active evac zone.

There is no need to click the evac button for every soldier individually; this evac all button will help you to evac all the soldiers simultaneously.

If you are thinking that this Mod will change the gameplay the let me clear you all that using this Mod will help you only to make changes in the interface.

Get Evac All


Advent Officer: Call Reinforcement

This Mod helps the advent officers by giving them the ability to call for the reinforcement that helps them in the war field. If the AI found that you have removed all his buddies, then he can make use of this Mod only once.

Be aware while using this Mod because using this Mod helps in favor of your enemies instead of helping you.

This Mod adds the tough challenges to your gameplay.

Get Advent Officer : Call Reinforcements

11. Stabilize Me

Stabilize me is one of the useful Xcom 2 mods because using this Mod gives you the power to stabilize the soldiers who are injured in the battlefield.

Warfare mod best options

In short make use of injured soldiers medical kit to patch him up.

Stabilize me Mod helps to stable the soldiers by giving them proper medical help. Soldiers can be saved and stabilized by anyone, as long as they are equipped with the medical kit that has minimum one charge left.

Get Stabilize Me


A Better Advent 2

Making use of a better advent means that you are adding 60 more dangerous enemies to the game who are ambitious and more potent than AI advent.

A better advent 2 adds more excitement and thrill in your gameplay by facing various enemies.

This Mod not only ads the enemies to your gameplay but also as the name suggests better enemies that play a vital role in opening the new chapters of the game.

A better Advent 2 mod is not only for adding some random stuff but also make notable improvements in your overall gameplay.

Get A Better Advent 2


Panic Mod

The enemies in the Xcom 2 doesn’t have the ability to hunker down, so if they face panic situations, then simply escape. Using this Mode adds hunker down powers to the units of Advent/alien so that they can make use of it whenever they face the panic situation.


Get Panic Mod


Warfare mod best options

Long War Alien Pack

If you want to make your game more challenging by adding various kinds of enemies to the Xcom then Long war alien pack mod is one of the best Xcom 2 mods.

This Mod has been introduced as an advanced version to muton centurion, and if you download this Mod, then it will replace it completely.

The allies who are adding in this game by using this Mod have some exceptional capabilities like some aliens have hunting skill, and some are strong initially. This Mod is well planned and also contains the advent of armed forces.

Get Long War Alien Pack


True Concealment

In Xcom 2 game, every mission you play has the timer that increases the difficulties in the accomplishment of those missions. What if I say that you can be able to adjust the timers! Yes, you heard it right that you can adjust the timers by making use of True concealments Xcom Mod.

A player can adjust the timers for the mission perfectly what they required.

This Mod allows you to select the timers to start after concealment break or also setting a hard disable on mission timers.

Get True Concealment

16. Tactical Co-op

As the name suggests, this Xcom Mod will help you to co-operate with your friends by importing soldiers from the game that is playing by your friend.

If both the players are in the squad select menu, then only they can invite.

This Xcom Mod is very useful while playing the Xcom game in Multiplayer mode. You can play up to 12 players in this multiplayer Mode in coming time.

Get Tactical Co-op


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Additional Mission Types

Additional Mission types is the best Mods for Xcom 2 for adding some interesting twists in your gameplay. The mission will be ranged from Guerilla ops to retaliation. Recently this Mod has been updated and added two brand new tasks to it.

If you are willing to take something different experience than vanilla Xcom the use this Mod because you can play defensive tasks by protecting cities and neutralizing missions and much more.

Additional Mission Types


It’s Just A Scratch V2

This app is considered by armor prevents caring time only for health damages. IF the health conditions of the player will deteriorate more than the required level, there is a caring time necessary to heal. This Mod is one of the easy Mod out of those listed above.

This Mod will not work as soon as you install it during the missions but works for coming tactical game plays.

Get It’s Just A Scratch V2


Grenade Damage Falloff

If you are playing in the Vanilla Xcom, then you are surrounded with the enemies, and the only source through which you can destroy them into small pieces is a grenade. If you use this Mod in Xcom game, then your grenades will be less effective and affect only those rivals who are on the edges of the explosion.

Using this Mode means that you are bringing back the annoyance and excitement of surrounding with enemies in the game that will definitely spice up your gameplay.

Get Granade Damage Falloff


Grimy’s Loot MOD

Grimy’s loot mod has introduced some of the add-ons that offer unique perks to the weapon holders and also provide them with the powers and number of recent statistics revamping add-ons.

This is one of the best Xcom 2 mods for preserving the sense of danger and freebies that are going to the upcoming game levels when intel & supplies begun to feel unessential.

Some of the fantastic updates can be added by using this mod such as 96 new updates for primary weapons. Also, for armors 81 updates are available, for pistols 45 new upgrades are available, for grenade launchers, there are 45 upgrades and much more to explore.

PCS loot mod is also made by grimy for making skull jack workable across the game and even made alien rulers loot mod, but this needs alien ruler DLC.

Get Grimy’s Loot Mod


Elerium Grounds

While playing games, Elerium cores are rare to find just like Bitcoins.

If you don’t update your Elerium cores, then you will start trailing on heavy weapons, unique armors, grenades, and experimental ammo.

Once you finish off with the pre-required research, then Elerium ground mod approves to construct the Elerium cores.

Elerium Grounds mod helps you to modify the Exo suits and Spider so that you can keep them as workable armory options in the late game.

Get Elerium Grounds


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Long War 2 Mod

The long war is very popular in Xcom 2 game, and it is returned besides the launch of the workshop of the Xcom 2 game with some more exciting updates.

This mod is officially approved by the developers (Firaxis) of the game.

This mod includes some of the exciting things like longer campaigns, new infiltration system which is necessary to send out several squads, new classes along with exceptional capabilities and techniques, SMG weapons advent AI and new rivals.

Get Long War 2 Mod

23. Mechatronic Warfare Pack

SPARK is known as the waste unit of the Xcom 2game.

The Mechatronic warfare pack mod is one of the best Xcom 2 mods because this mod helps you to enhance the SPARK’s utility by merging SPARK & squad shield and weapon upgrades, decreasing the gross cost of SPARK units.

This Xcom 2 mod also modifies the Specialist’s gremlin and SPARK bit simultaneously.

This mod also gives you the powers of reconstruction of damaged SPARK’s and even changing the repair bay, ability points for the SPARK and equipment slots.

Get Mechatronic Warfare Pack

24. Instant Avenger Menus

If you are looking for the mods that help you to gain victory against powerful aliens then Instant avenger menus mod will be the perfect choice for you.

This mod helps you to delete the transition animations and approves you to get off to the business and beat the aliens.

Get Instant Avenger Menus


CAPNBUBS Accessories Pack

If you love to give a new look to your soldier’s and searching for the mod that helps you in it, then CAPNBUBS is the useful mod for you.

The vanilla Xcom 2 options are also available to give a new look to your soldiers.

However, CAPNBUBS makes it more exciting by adding goggles, face props, hats, and helmets.

Get CAPNBUBS Accessories Pack

26. Custom Facepaints Mod

If you are looking for the cosmetic mod that helps you to paint the face of your soldier, then custom facepaint mod provides you with additional options for it.

This will improve the quality of the game and spice up your gameplay by adding a variety of facepaint options.

Get Custom Facepaints Mod


Military Camouflage


If you want the mod that provides you more options for personalization of your military shield, then this mod is designed on the basis of real military camouflage.


Get Military Camouflage


Warfare mod best options

More Eye Colors and More Hair Colors

There are two separate mods for customizing hair and eye color but with same features. Both the mods provide you with the more modification options for changing hair and eye colors.

You can make use of these mods when you want to look like your favorite character or look like your favorite soldier.


Get More Eye Colors and More Hair Colors


Ink and Paint Mods

This is also a nice mod for xcom 2 for adding the new tattoos to your character.

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You can add more funny tattoos, and it also includes the new arm tattoos for soldiers.

The ink and paint mod also provide you with some additional options for face-paint along with tattoos.

Get Ink and Paint Mods


New Target Icons Mod

As the name suggests of this mod, it helps you to add more targeting and different icons beyond Advent, Xcom, and Alien. This mod works even if you are playing in Vanilla Xcom.

This mod plays a significant role at the time of positioning of the military forces to decide which soldiers are going to kill which enemy.

Get New Target Icons Mod


Blackmarket Usage

If you are playing in WotC, then black market usage mod is perfectly working in it.

Top 31 Best Xcom 2 Mods You Must Have in 2019

It helps you to show the possibility of usage of items on the black market sell screen. By using this mod, you can decide to sell the item in the black market at the right time.


Get Blackmarket Usage

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How to Install the Xcom 2 Mods in the Game?

We have mentioned all the useful mods for Xcom 2.

Now let’s take a look at the simple process of its installation in the game.

  1. You have to create a folder by name Mods under \steam\steamapps\XCOM2\XComgame.
  2. Now download the mods and place them into the folder.
  3. Once you finished with the downloading process, then you can easily install them into Xcom 2 game.

Wrapping Up

Here we came to the end of the list of best Xcom 2 mods that will definitely improve the gameplay.

Go through the list and share your experience of using these Mods.

Stay Tuned for more details… Cheers!