Twitch Best Audio Options

Twitch best audio options

Thanks to the music industry, there are a TON of options for capturing quality vocals. From preamps to mics, mixers, audio interfaces, compressors, etc… the list is endless.

Twitch best audio options

You could easily spend thousands of dollars on a microphone alone.

Our advice to growing streamers is to limit choices like your lives depended on it. There are too many options out there that you end up not knowing what to pick and you never do anything.

But why? There’s no reason to spend all that time researching gear and product reviews.

Twitch best audio options

Pick a tried and true setup, and instead focus your efforts on the hard part: growing your stream. Your audience only cares that you sound good.

Today, we’re recommending a mic setup that achieves three main goals, and lets us expand in the future:

Gives your voice a nice warm sound with minimal background noise and interference.
Is easily adjustable so you can stream comfortably for hours.
Doesn’t break the bank.
If you’ve watched a lot of different streamers on Twitch, you’ve noticed many of them using a similar looking type of microphone setup.

Best Blue Yeti Settings / Mic Setup for OBS in 3 minutes (2020)

It’s generally positioned by their face, mounted on a movable arm. It looks something like this:

Twitch best audio options