Treasure Map Option Trading

Treasure map option trading

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Submit by Marc

Forex Treasure Map is a sistem of filter for day trading (work only 5 min chart). This Trading system is composed by an arrow e four filter.

Treasure map option trading

When there is a arrow is confirmed when all four the filter are agrre with arrow. The strategy is trend following but the strategy is trend following but the profit can be taken on the pivot levels.

What Will You Learn?

The strategy is trend following but the profit can be taken on the pivot levels. Being the trend following strategy the profitability by definition tends to be less than 50%, but the filter system and the outputs on pivot levels help to improve profitability.

Time frame 5 min.


Trading Sessions: London and New York.

Metatrader 4 Indicators:

Aizig arrow.

Confirm 2

Confirm 3

Zwinner trend Indicator default setting

Pivot Poins Levels


Trading rules Forex Treasure Map


Aizig buy arrow.

Confirmation 2 blue bar.

Confirmation 3 blue bars.

Zwinner trend blue bar.


Aizig sell arrow.

Confirmation 2 red bar.

Confirmation 3 red bars.

Zwinner trend indicator red bar.

Exit options:

Place initial stop loss on the previous swing high/low.

Profit target on pivot points levels or ratio stop loss 1:1.18

In the pictures Forex Treasure Map in action.

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Treasure map option trading

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Treasure map option trading

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Forex Treasure Map

Forex Treasure Map

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